Keep The Liver Health

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Earnest liver need to be taken care of his health. If the liver is exposed to an infection or inflammation and be cirrhosis (hardening of heart) hepatis, nearly certain of our lives it is hard to sustain. The following steps to keep your heart in order to stay healthy.
1. Break cukuo 6-8 hours. Will the member an opportunity break enough body recover through restoration effort, turn damaged proteins, forming new blood cells, and forming of antibodies as needed.
2. don’t get too crazy work or workalholic.
3. do not snack. Unhygienic food service is a bersarangnya virus hepatitis.
4. do not swap and toothbrush, where to eat and drink with someone else. This is to prevent the transmission of viral hepatitis.
5. don’t drink-drink alcohol, especially from the above 5% or whisky, which has the alcohol 40% to 45%.
6. If it has been exposed to hepatitis, obati perfectly and followed the suggestion of the doctor carefully because otherwise it can be dangerous.
7. do not take medication along with coffee or alcohol. This will cause the liver suffered poisoning that can cause death.
8. do not take medication dosage.
9. reduce the exposure of chemical substances. If forced to, use of protective and neutralization by drinking milk.
10. Can an occasional drink jamu temulawak to help keep health care.
11. Multiply eat fruit and vegetables. Vitamin and mineral deficiency also facilitate the emergence of diterangai heart disease.
12. Stop smoking. Stay away from the smoke and toxic liquids
Smoke from the paint thinners, spray insect spray air fresheners, and others will go to the small blood vessels in the lungs and was taken to heart, then undergoing detoxification and omitted in the bile. Therefore the amount and concentration of chemicals should be controlled to prevent liver damage. Make sure You have good ventilation, using masks, cover your skin, and clear all chemicals on your skin with SOAP and water as soon as possible.

1. wash your hands
Hands should be washed with SOAP and water after defecating and before preparing food and consumption. This will help prevent the spread of hepatitis a.

14. safe sex
Wear a condom during intercourse. Hepatitis B and C can be transmitted through blood and body fluids. Avoid sharing personal items such as toothbrushes, razors or manicure set, especially if your partner is suffering from a disease of the liver organ.


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