Eat And Use Natural..go Bluegreenfoods Way For Chemical Free Nutition, Cosmetics And Medicines

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Nature is the best cognizable support system, Do we get that support to the maximum ? Mostly no.Be it dietary intake, regular food, medicines, or cosmetics, chemicals are the predominant ingredients..

       So where do you want to try tested, trusted natural products ?

       bluegreenfoods offers products that are Perfectly balanced by nature 100% absorbable Powerful Nutrients – Natural Antioxidants Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes,Probiotics, Amino acids, Antioxidants, Omega, Chlorophyl  organic food,AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) with enriched protein..

       Every product undergoes rigorous quality control and testing procedures to ensure absolute purity, richness, potency, freshness, and free from microbial infiltration.

For chronic wellness use our AFA Blue green algae supplements worldwide to make them feel healthier, enhanced looks, slow down the effects of aging, and to prevent disease from developing in the first place, AFA bluegreen algae products effectuate their existing weight loss or muscle building program..

       We got positive reviews from Times Magazine and Womans world for our quality.  

        Products that we currently offer are :  AFA Lemon Mint soapbar,AFA lip nutrients,Anti-ageing crème,Garden-spa Package,Rejuvenating expfoliator and mask,Garden Lavender soap,stem cell activator,Weight loss duo,AFA crystals, healthy pets, Himalayan crystal shock n shaker,bulk crystals,AFA capsules,alpha energy, Vanilla smoothie mix,Garden organic vitamin shampoo,Healthy beauty diet and are introducing new products periodically upon testing.   

And as nutrient and effective food supplements ,

       We present organic medicinal products , alpha energy products helps to balance your enthalpy and hence calories, Antioxidants, balanced nutrients, enhance health and mood, enzymes, cellular repair, AFA capsules, amino acids, fiber formula, health products, hyperactivity disorder, immune system, improve mental focus, minerals products, natural antioxidants, probiotics, stem cell, stem cell activator, stem enhancer, natural health, healing, ginkgo, memory, Alzheimer’s, dementia, mind, AFA capsules, AFA crystals, AFA research, stem enhancer, ADD, We offer blue green algae with anticarcinal properties fight against cancer and its an inhibitor for cancer cells too..

       With innumerable Positive effects  it is in this form the food you eat transformed to an assimilable one into your body, so it’s a great relief to your digestive tract,

In natural aesthetics  section we offer AFA beauty products,AFA lemon mint soap bar, anti aging creme, exfoliator and mask, garden creme, garden lavender soaps, garden lemon mint soap, garden organics shampoo, garden spa package, natural shampoo, shampoo products, smoothie mix products, vitamin shampoo, vitamin shampoos, AFA Gum, AFA beauty, organic shampoo to name a few and we are constantly thriving to enhance quality and maintain a well crafted research process to present and represent a healthy society


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