Natural Acne Treatments You Can Try at Home

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Home remedies for acne do exist! If you have been despairing of being able to get rid of your acne, and you’re concerned that the only remedy is some kind of synthetic pill or those smelly, oily creams…or, worse, perhaps a trip to the dermatologist to be given some prescription that could have bad side effects and be costly. Yes, it’s possible to learn how to prevent acne without spending lots of money or needing dangerous medications. If you have longed to know how to prevent acne without needing to resort to a doctor or drugs, start taking a look at some proven home remedies for acne.

Making some changes to your diet is the first step for all home remedies for acne prevention. The odds are that you consume far too much sugar. Do you routinely consume white bread, commercially bought pizza, white pasta, chocolate bars, cookies, cake, sugary breakfast cereals, pastries, and sugary drinks? If so, you need to drastically cut back on all of these. In fact, it’s best if you entirely stop consuming some of the above, including white bread and the sugary breakfast cereals. Put yourself on a low sugar diet and you will probably start seeing improvements of your acne condition, and your skin on the whole in fact. Another good dietary change would be for you to get more onions and garlic into your diet, as these foods are very good for skin health. Finally, you could consider taking some dietary supplements including vitamin E, vitamin D3, and Biotin.

Another thing to look for with regards to home remedies for acne is getting more sunlight on your skin. Sure, if you are fair skinned you don’t want to overdue it, but even fair skinned people should be getting at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure, on average, per day. The UV rays of the sun help to destroy the acne-enhancing bacteria on your skin. No, you don’t need (or want) any sunblock for this. Let the UV rays penetrate deeply into your skin, and you’ll see some real benefits.

A daily facial cleansing routine is a very important aspect of knowing how to prevent acne in an all-natural way. This daily cleansing goes far beyond mere soap and water. You will want to gently scour your face with an apricot scrub and a loofa. Next, follow this application up with rubbing alcohol applied with a cotton ball to the newly exposed layer of fresh, radiant skin. Then, in order to prevent too much drying out of your skin, wash with a special moisturizing soap, such as cocoa butter soap or glycerin soap. And lastly, a couple of times per week you can apply a clay mineral facial masque.

Some people find that excessive stress makes their acne condition worse. Therefore, another part of the home remedies for acne involves de-stressing. One of the most effective ways to do this is to get more physical exercise. Getting more exercise will benefit you in numerous ways, anyway. Drinking certain kinds of herbal tea such as Valerian root may also help you de-stress.

Now you know how to prevent acne in an all-natural way. Practice these home remedies for acne in a disciplined way and see if you get the results you’re looking for.


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