How to start a blog for free? Don’t spend a single dime to blog and show your existence in blogosphere

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Got bombarded by the words ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’?
Want to start your own blog for free?
Here is how you can do that.

The best and easy way to start blogging for free is by using free blogging service .

Go to or

This is free blogger service .

If you have an gmail account , use that login to directly be logged into you blogger account.

Otherwise click on sign up option and sign up with username and password.

Then login .

You will be directed to a page asking you to put give your blog a name.

Just decide on what topic you are going to blog and choose the name .

Then it will ask you decide the url of your blog. Here put a topic related word in url this will help you get search engine optimized easily for the topic as keyword.

That will give you a domain name as where makemoney4living means the url you have choosen.

After this you will be taken to choose the template . Choose template that you think you like and your blog visitors may like and you are done with the most important step .

Then go and make your first post and your blog is ready .

For getting indexed easily go to settings option and click on to set your settings to notify and be searchable in database of weblogs and you are done.

Share and discuss about your topic of blog and you are a bloogger too…

Keep blogging everyday and there are more steps to monetize your blog which i will discuss in next articles.

So keep reading my articles and learn ways to make money online as well as about blogging , internet marketing and lot of new things!

Make your existence in blogosphere


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