Why is Factoidz Rated as Best Online Writing Website

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Factoidz is one of the best writing sites online.  Being in the online writing industry for several years, writing for different sites, I can say that, comparatively speaking, Factoidz is on the top of my list.  There are different reasons why this is so. Read on to find why Factoidz is rated as best online writing website?

I am thankful with the fact that Factoidz accepts writers worldwide.  Since I don’t live in the US, like many of its writers, it is a huge plus factor.

When it comes to content publishing, Factoidz format is very easy to follow and user-friendly.  Writers can submit high quality and fact-based content with a minimum count of 400 words per article, which is easily attainable.  Creative writing works such as poetry and those based on opinions are not accepted here. 

Not to fret, there is wide range of topics to write about. All articles are checked by editors for quality and good SEO because they abide by a certain quality standard.  This is one of the reasons why Factoidz ranks high in search engines. 

Apart from the normal articles, they have other options wherein a writer can earn higher revenues.  Writers can also choose from among these high-paying writing options: Product Review Assignments, Product Comparison Reports and Article Assignments.

With these assignments, one can earn up to a maximum of $20 bonus per article. These assignments have easy-to-follow formats and step by step guides.  I have also observed in the real-time analytics provided by Factoidz that these get high earnings daily. 

Another thing to love about these assignments is that it eases the stress of thinking about what to write.  Just browse through the long list of article assignments and you’ll definitely find something to write about. 

As you submit more articles and participate in the community by commenting and voting up others’ works, you also gain more recognition as a writer through their Accolades section which is displayed on the profile. This gives writers encouragement in different levels.  It also helps writers see how they rank. 

Revenues mostly come from article writing.  In addition to that, Factoidz also has a referral program which gives the referrer $10 once the referral publishes 20 articles. All earnings are sent through Paypal after the end of each month. 

I highly recommend Factoidz for writers who have expertise in specific fields or for those who love to write fact-based articles.  For years, Factoidz has consistently paid on time.  If you are a writer, why don’t you try writing for Factoidz and see for yourself how you can benefit from this amazing site. Happy Writing!


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