Healthy Resolutions For Wealthy Days

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We have already entered into the new year. Of course, we have stepped in to the New Year with great hopes and dreams.
Every one of us dream to have a better health and a happier life. Every new year starts with some resolutions that can bring a better future.

Health is real wealth

Prosperity with happiness is the dream of every human being. To achieve this prosperous life every one plans ahead with new efforts. There can be no second opinion in the truth that health is the real wealth and only a healthy life can bring you success and fill you with happiness. Although we are already in the New Year, every day is a new start. Any attempt made for a  healthy mind in a healthy body can perform better and achieve success.

Although there are some dark clouds in the economic sky all over the world, optimistic views about success and perseverance in executing the resolutions will definitely bring success.Just consider these four tips for healthy resolutions

1) Regular exercise

Exercise need not baffle you with imagination of aerobic machines or joining group exercise classes. Unrealistic or vague resolutions of exercises will bring you only adverse results. Plan a few moving activities that can be done without fail in a stipulated time available for you. Set goals by doing exercises that are realistic, achievable, and well defined.

2) Plan for a well-balanced diet

A balanced diet is an essential factor for a healthy life. There is a proverb in the South Indian language Tamil that means, “It is better to spend for food than spending for medicines.” A balanced diet does not mean costly food. It can be planned well if you just sit and think for a moment about which kind of diet can do good for you and what to avoid that is harmful to your health.

3) Come up with a resolution to control weight

Over weight and obesity have become the killer demons of modern lifestyle. It is the cause of all fatal diseases staring with cholesterol. Avoid all unhealthy eating and unnecessary addition of fat. Decide to have adequate whole grains, calcium, fiber, fruits and vegetables. Restrict fast foods.

4) Resolve to maintain healthy relationship

Maintaining healthy relationship is inevitable for a healthy life. Social life plays an important role in health maintenance. When the social life is affected it leads to stress and other problems that include blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and many other serious troubles. Smile and make others amicable. Strengthen meaningful relationships and avoid confrontations.

Welcome every dawn with a smile

These are just four resolutions that can keep you healthy throughout this year. Health is the greatest wealth. Your future is in your own hands. Resolve to make it happier with these four healthy resolutions. Let 2012 proceed with a smile.



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