The Best Supplements For Running

I have only been a runner for the last five years and to this day I wonder why I waited so long. I find running to be very enjoyable especially when the weather is beautiful and I am listening to some good music. For the last few years, I have been trying to research the best supplements for running, more specifically; the supplements that will help me increase my performance.

I looked around and researched what others have found to work best for them. What I found is that opinions vary greatly. However, there seemed to be a common thread and belief regarding which supplements were actually the best supplements for running. Here are the results of my research. I hope you find them beneficial.

Whey Protein

The body uses protein to help muscles recover from strenuous workouts. Protein can come from different types of meat, nuts, and dairy products. Sometime our diet just doesn’t allow us to consume enough protein so whey protein shakes fill the void. There are various types of whey protein on the market and everybody seems to have their favorite one or perhaps they just buy what looks good or because it is on sale. Ask yourself – are all whey proteins beneficial for me? Does the whey protein I use provide both nutritional and biological (physiological) value? How can you tell?

Self-Test: An excellent test to see if the whey protein you are using is the proper one is by measuring the number of times you get sick a year. If you are constantly under the weather and are feeling wore out after long runs and workouts then you may want to look for another whey protein. The whey protein you are using may be providing nutritional benefit but it is obvious it is not providing a biological benefit.

May I suggest that you look for a whey protein that is undenatured (unmodified by heat) and that contains the amino acid cysteine? Why? Well this type of whey protein serves as a “double-edged sword.” It not only increases the level of glutathione in your body, which is a key component to maintaining a strong immune system, but it will also decrease the time it takes to recover after strenuous workouts.

Vitamin and Minerals

Another important supplement for running would definitely be a vitamin and mineral supplement. It provides the nutrients that may be missing from our diet. The right ones can also provide important trace elements (micronutrients) that most foods do not provide. One important trace element is Chlorella. Research has shown that it is the most essential trace element in that it is reputed to contain all the trace elements we need. So including this in your diet would be very beneficial. There are some other important supplements to take note of. These would include Vitamins B and E, selenium, Omega 3, and the Co-enzyme Q10.


At times a forgotten supplement is calcium, specifically, pure milk calcium. Calcium is the most important supplement that you can take. Why? Just think about the beating your skeletal system takes after running long distance races. There is nothing more important in the fight against osteoporosis than taking calcium. It is also very important for regulating the heartbeat, muscle contractions, nerve transmission, and hormone activity. Don’t forget about calcium!

Additionally, it is also important to maintain a balanced diet along with proper supplementation. Any neglect in your diet can prove disastrous to your training regiment.

So by taking these supplements on a daily basis, it will not only provide the proper maintenance for your body but it will essentially help you increase your performance so you can reach your goals.

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