Get Rid Of Acne Forever – 7 Tips That Work!

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Acne can lower your self-esteem and can create general discomfort no matter what your age is. While topical creams and various drugs work reasonably well, by following the 7 tips below you can get rid of acne in no time.

  • Don’t leave makeup on during the night. – While it can cover acne during the day and make you feel better about your appearance, keeping the makeup overnight will only obstruct your pores. And this can only have one effect – more acne! So make sure you clean your face before you go to sleep.
  • Shower after exercising. – Sweat contains toxins which normally infect your skin. If you work out or do any kind of physical work which makes you sweat, you should shower right afterwards. Instead of clustering in the form of acne, the sebum will be naturally eliminated.
  • Visit your dermatologist. – If the natural remedies don’t work for you, it’s possible you have a more serious form of acne. Go to see your doctor and he will probably prescribe you some powerful topical creams containing Benzoyl Peroxide. These creams are very efficient and will improve the condition of most types of acne in several weeks.
  • Relax. – A well known university in Sweden has shown that acne is strongly correlated to the level of stress. Try to relax by meditating or jogging. This will prevent your body from secreting sebum.
  • Keep your face clean! – We often tend to neglect the easiest solution available. Acne is often caused by the excess of oils in our skin. By simply washing your face at least twice a day with dedicated face cleansing solutions you can often see an overnight improvement.
  • Keep your hands off your face. – Whenever a new pimple appears on your face, you immediately feel the need to touch it. Don’t! Poking and scratching will only make matters worse. This will only aggravate the infection and you will only carry the sebum from one pore to another.
  • Apply something cold. – By placing a bag of ice directly on the pustule you will reduce the swelling. Keep it in direct contact and you will see results in about 30 minutes. By stopping the inflammation from the very beginning you may be able to get rid of the pimple in under one day.

Ultimately, as Albert Einstein said, success is only a matter of action. Start applying these tips right away and you will start seeing the results immediately. You will be amazed how simple it is to get rid of acne as long as you respect these simple rules.


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