Getting Rid OF Those Migraines

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Having a migraine can be a big pain in the you know what. It is thee worst headache that you could possibly have. There is so many remedies that you can use, or do. First try to find out why you are having these headaches. It could be stress, hypertension,(high blood pressure) smoking harsh cigars. anything can trigger them.

I was told that migraines affect women. While men do have them, women have more attacks and more painful ones. A migraine is a complex brain disorder. It can be triggered by anything from diet,hormones,could be that change in the weather. Maybe even your sleep pattern .

Some say acupuncture works the best. Your doctor can refer you to your local acupuncturist. They specialize in that field . Make sure that they can provide you with their training. make sure that the acupunturist use disposable needles.

Try drinking coffee , when taking medications, it helps your body absorb medications quickly. Talk to your doctor about what new medications are there for you to try. Whatever medication that you are taking ,make sure that you follow all doctor’s orders. Try sleeping in a dark room and concentrate on getting well. Do some relaxation technique’s. Try to quit smoking, it will benefit you in alot of other ways. Your main concern is that you want to get well so you can start healing on inside as well on the outside. When healing, you will start to feel better. You well have an outer glow. Wishing you well!


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