Its All About Searching And Internet

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The term internet is the most popular technology in the world, now days it is necessary for every person .Internet means the world wide communication which is help to a person talk to each other very easily and very low cost and know about the world what is going on in the world. Internet provide many type of services which is help to people They work easily from anywhere they are situated. The internet network is basically works in three types like LAN, WAN, MAN which is used by the different types of work. Most properly the Wide Area Network is use for the internet. Before the computer every work is doing manually there is a more time to take for doing a work. Now this is the computer age mostly every type of work is doing with computer and with the use of Internet the work is done very rapidly because there are many types of work is done with Internet basis means online, which is helpful for people. Internet is use mostly for searching because In the Internet there is three types of search Engine is work they are Google, Msn, and Yahoo they use in for searching any type of Thing in the Internet they use own database. Search Engine means the Engine which is searching any type of thing like: Image, Video, Place, Web or any type of content or material In the world of Internet there is Google search Engine is most popular because everyone is used for searching any type of material in the Internet they use Google. When we talk About Internet and work on a Internet mostly we use Google.

For the compunction field Internet provide much type of communication services like: chatting, mailing, video chating Which is help people they are easily connected to each other and the different type of massage like file sharing, video sharing etc. are done very easily and very fast to other type of communication now there is many type of sites are available in the Internet for communication which is help people they are connected to each other and they are sharing thought to each other. In the entertainment field here is mostly use the Internet for other types of entertainment because in the internet there is updated and most popular videos and movies, songs and drama are available which is we are online watch or easily download from the Internet. Today’s every type of event is frequently updated on the Internet every person known about what is going on in the world. It is the best option for updated frequently .When we are searching very oldest matter or know about any person or place Then Internet is the best option for provide a helpful information on this.

Many people are earning money from the Internet, with the help of use of many services and provide the services. When we talk about the technology use in the Internet there is the TCP/IP protocol is widely use in the network. And on the internet address there is mostly www is use which means World Wide Web which is use for defining the address and there is different type of domain name are use like: .COM, .NET, .IN,.GOV,.ORG, .EDU mostly these types are domain are use for defining the address. Each type of domain are define related website .DNS (Domain Name System) server are maintained the every website. Each computer has a unique IP address that use the Internet network, The IP address assign computer may change easily because it is the physical part of the computer. But the domain name is same it is the web address on the Internet. Internet are work include different type of technical design and there maintenance which is controlled the different structure and protocol .Every search engine are use the own algorithm and technique with the help of maintaining the different website.


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