Lose Weight The Cave Man Style

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Never underestimate the basics! Primal living takes a whole lot more than what it meets the eye. Prehistoric humans ate food only when they are able to hunt down wild-animals and gather edible plants, which are basically fruits and vegetables. Nothing synthetic or artificial substances were taken up as part of their food pyramid. All is natural and organic. Such ways of food lifestyle brings forth a diet plan inspired by imitating a prehistoric way of eating, called, the Paleo Diet. Paleo Diet is also called the Cave man Diet, the Evolutionary Diet and oddly, the Dinosaur Diet.

Paleo Diet is mainly based on the food lifestyle of these prehistoric humans. Paleo Diet, a much healthier diet where food is purely based on meats, fruits and vegetables. It principally holds down the idea that what we eat is what we’ve become. The more we ate processed foods the more we become unhealthy, eating such foods cause a lot of implications that turns out into terrible diseases. By aping the food group eaten by the cave men, it mainly brings us closer to a more natural way of eating, bringing a healthier outcome to a man’s body.

Paleo Recipe-List

Paleo Diet, what is not eaten by these prehistoric ancestors is out from your own the food list. On the food list, includes only, meats, eggs, seafood, fruits and vegetables that are only gathered naturally but not cultivated. It looks likely offbeat eating without the energy-giving food group but what is really eaten by ancestors is what we mimic through this diet. Grains, rice, pasta and dairies are restricted all throughout the diet. Carbohydrates may only be obtained only in eating vegetables.

Oils can only be gain out from non-agricultural raised seeds, such as, avocados, olive, oil palm and coconuts. Meats that are eaten should also be lean, raised only in non-agricultural manner or preferably grass-fed animals, these are better off than eating those who are commercially fed. Fish and other seafood should be caught wildly rather than in cultured pens.

As for beverages, water is the only beverage allowed but organic tea leaves are also considered. Alcohol consumption and fruit juices are eliminated from the diet. Fruit juices are eliminated due to their concentrated fructose, glucose and sugar contents which is basically not a Paleolithic way. Salt is also removed from the diet; no salt is used during the prehistoric times. Anything related to excessive sweets and sugars are also not welcomed.

Do the hunting yourself!

It’s not basically you go out hunting for your own food in today’s modernized era but rather copying the active lifestyle of these prehistoric ancestral hunters. They go out fishing, hunting and walk for days in search for food. As a substitute for hunting food, you can walk, jog and do several exercises equivalent that to a caveman’s hunting activity. The point of this is that do not rely too much on a low-caloric diet but walking out those sexy legs would just be a whole lot better than doing nothing.


Paleo Diet, is not just an ordinary diet. It takes out a lot of modern-based agricultural foods and it takes a lot of guts in eliminating them from your diet. Purely are based on foods can be hunted and gathered. It is a low-caloric diet and highly nutritious considering vitamins and minerals present in the organic meat, fruits and vegetables. Taking additional food supplements is highly not considered since it is a non-Paleolithic way. Sticking to the basics is basically what this diet is all about.

Paleo Diet is also a lifestyle change. The more basic your food lifestyle is, the more it is healthier. Looking up to the ancestors who were free of artificial food products and living life the simpler way models out this amazing ancestral diet.


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