Super Bowl Match Up; Recent Meetings The Patriots & The Giants

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The Patriots and Giants have played only 3 times since the 2004 season. Lets review those three meetings to gauge what kind of games they have played against eachother in the recent past.

Game #1 December 2004

In their first of three match ups, New England traveled to New York in their quest for the only 16-0 perfect regular season in NFL history. During their first of three match ups, since that time, the Patriots won in a shoot out that ended with a score of 38-35. They would however meet again in the Super Bowl that same season.

Game #2 February 2008

During the second of their three most recent match ups these two teams met in the Super Bowl. This was by far the most exciting of the three as both a perfect season and the Lombardi Trophy were on the line. Eli Manning and Giants faced Tom Brady and the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. This was one of the most exciting Super Bowl finishes in Super Bowl History when Manning did the unthinkable and beat the undefeated New England Patriots who came into that game with a record of 18-0. The Patriots had not lost a single game that season and were going for a perfect season of 19-0, which would have allowed them to join only the Miami Dolphins and the only other team to go undefeated in NFL history. Apparently, Manning didn’t get the memo.

The Giants had only scored 3 points in the first 3 quarters of that game. However, the Patriots had only scored 7. It was a close game when the Giants scored another touchdown in the 4th quarter to make the score 10-7. Were the pefect Patriots going to let this one slip away, not as long as Tom Brady had his say. He marched the Patriots down the field in the closing minutes and threw his only touchdown of the game to Randy Moss who had had a record breaking season receiving. At that point the Patriots led by a score of 14-10. Everything seemed to be unfolding as expected. The only problem was there was still time on the clock.

The Giants were driving down the field. The Patriots defense had stopped them on three straight plays and they were down to their final chance to convert on 4th down. Then the unthinkable happened. David Tyree an unheralded player, who was being guarded by future Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison, hauled in an amazing catch by holding the ball on with his arm pressing the ball firmly on the top of his helmet. This allowed the game to continue. Several plays later Eli Manning hit Plaxico Burress in the end zone for the game winning score allowing the Giants to defeat the Patriots by a score of 17-14. It would rank right up there with the all time great Super Bowl upsets including Tom Brady’s first championship against the mighty Rams, who were known as the Greatest Show on Turf, in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Game #3 November 2011

During their third most recent match up in their week 9 regular season game in Foxborough, the Patriots were down in the 4th quarter once again. The score was 17-13 when Tom Brady seemingly scored on yet another one of his comeback drives for New England. Brady had thrown a seemingly game winning 14 yard touchdown to tight end Rob Gronkoski with only 1;36 remaining. This brought the score to 20-17. However, once again, Manning saved his best for last against Brady and the Patriots.

Manning drove down the field, and with the help of a questionable pass interference call got the Giants into scoring range. Many people believed the Giants were going to simply kick a field goal, but Manning had other ideas. With only 15 seconds remaining on the clock, Manning hit tight end Jake Ballard for a 1 yard touchdown to bring the Giants up by a score of 24-20. Once again, Manning had beat the Patriots in the closing seconds to dash their hopes of a victory, something Brady would surely have on his mind in a rematch.


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