Super Bowl 46 Analysis And Preview; Patriots & Giants

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The Patriots come in with one of the most explosive offenses in recent memory, just behind their 2007 squad. The Giants again come into this contest with an explosive defense that can get after the quarterback and cause havoc on the line. This is one of Brady’s weak points as it is for almost any quarterback who does not scramble and run outside the pocket. Even Eli Manning can’t handle pressure up the middle. However, the Giants only produced 8 more sacks all season long than the Patriots did, so they both might be able to cause some havoc inside the pocket.

The regular season is in the past though. The post season is what matters. In the post season, Brady has played great at times and terrible at others. This could hurt the Patriots. However, Eli has not exactly been lights out throughout the playoffs either. He has had some great play and some terrible play as well. So, anything could happen.

Las Vegas already has the Patriots as a 3.5 point favorite. Yet, that has no bearing on the game. Although, the line in Vegas is usually very accurate, sometimes it is not as evidenced by the 12 point margin the Patriots were favored by the last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl back in 2008.

The Patriots are -3 in turnover differential since the playoffs began. The Giants come into this game with a +5 turnover margin. This could be a huge factor in determining who wins. Usually the team that wins the turnover battle wins the game. Although, last week the Patriots won in an aberration when they lost the turnover battle, but still won the game. However, the past is the past as Bill Belichick likes to say. Whichever, team plays better on Sunday will be the team that takes home the title. I know that sounds simplistic, but that is what it will come down to.

Now you can decide for yourself which team you think will take home the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVI.

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