Super Bowl 46; Game Hype

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Reason #1; Interesting story lines

Story line A Robert Kraft, owner of the Patriots, had spent some of his wife’s final days rescuing the season by being the only cool head in the room. Kraft succeeded by convincing everyone involved that it would be in their best interest to make sure the season went on. In doing so, he gained a high level of respect from the other owners and many of the players involved in the negotiations.

Story line B Brady will be going for his 4th Super Bowl title. Something that only Terry Bradshaw has accomplished. He has also joined John Elway as the only player to appear in 5 Super Bowls.

Story line C Eli, Peyton’s little brother, will be trying to win a Super Bowl in his brother’s home stadium. Peyton was obviously hoping to be the Manning playing for a title this year in Indy, yet it turns out that he never played one game and may be forced to retire at seasons end due to a serious injury to his neck. He will, however, have the opportunity to watch his little brother play for one there.

Story line D Tom Coughlin was on the hot seat this season. There were multiple rumors that he was going to be fired or forced to resign when the Giants went 8-8 on the season. Yet, here they are in their second Super Bowl appearance in the past 4 years under Coughlin.

Story line E Is Bill Belichick the greatest coach in NFL history? Surely the outcome of this game would go a long way to determining the answer in many people’s minds. In other people’s minds he already is after having been the only coach to win 3 out of 4 Super Bowls. Yet, Chuck Knoll has more titles than Belichick. Therefore, without a Belichick victory the jury may still be out.

Story line F The Patriots terrible defense making the Super Bowl. All season long people scoffed at the notion that a defense ranked higher than 29th could ever make or win a Super Bowl. Yet here the Patriots are with the leagues 31st ranked defense.

Storyline G Is this the best coaching job of Bill Belichick’s career? Many would argue yes, for the simple fact that he has done it with the worst defense he has ever had. However, others might argue that his 2002 victory against the mighty Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI was more impressive as he had a lesser overall team and went up against a greater opponents in the Rams and #1 AFC seeded Steelers whom the Patriots beat in Pittsburgh that year.

Storyline H Rematch of Super Bowl XLII. This will be a rematch of one of the most exciting finishes in NFL Super Bowl history when the Giants defeated the then undefeated Patriots in the closing minutes on a miracle catch by unknown receiver David Tyree.

Reason #2; Ratings

This Super Bowl match up will feature two of the top big markets in the sports world in Boston and New York. While this would have no impact on the game it will definitely impact the viewership. It will also impact advertising as well, which is an integral part of the Super Bowl broadcast, as many people not only wait to see the game unfold, but anticipate highly rated funny ads that can be remembered as much as the game itself.

This will also be a highly rated game as it will feature two of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Brady already continually rivaled Eli’s brother Peyton as both a former division rival and perennial playoff contestant. Yet Brady, has his own bone to pick with Peyton’s little brother from a previous Super Bowl.

Reason #3; Rematch of one of the most exciting Super Bowl finishes in Super Bowl history.

Eli Manning and Giants have faced Tom Brady and the Patriots once before in Super Bowl XLII. This was one of the most exciting Super Bowl finishes in Super Bowl History when Manning did the unthinkable and beat the undefeated New England Patriots who came into that game with a record of 18-0. The Patriots had not lost a single game that season and were going for a perfect season of 19-0, which would have allowed them to join only the Miami Dolphins and the only other team to go undefeated in NFL history. Apparently, Manning didn’t get the memo.

The Giants had only scored 3 points in the first 3 quarters of that game. However, the Patriots had only scored 7. It was a close game when the Giants scored another touchdown in the 4th quarter to make the score 10-7. Were the pefect Patriots going to let this one slip away, not as long as Tom Brady had his say. He marched the Patriots down the field in the closing minutes and threw his only touchdown of the game to Randy Moss who had had a record breaking season receiving. At that point the Patriots led by a score of 14-10. Everything seemed to be unfolding as expected. The only problem was there was still time on the clock.

The Giants were driving down the field. The Patriots defense had stopped them on three straight plays and they were down to their final chance to convert on 4th down. Then the unthinkable happened. David Tyree an unheralded player, who was being guarded by future Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison, hauled in an amazing catch by holding the ball on with his arm pressing the ball firmly on the top of his helmet. This allowed the game to continue. Several plays later Eli Manning hit Plaxico Burress in the end zone for the game winning score allowing the Giants to defeat the Patriots by a score of 17-14. It would rank right up there with the all time great Super Bowl upsets including Tom Brady’s first championship against the mighty Rams, who were known as the Greatest Show on Turf, in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Reason #4; Rematch of the exciting regular season match up from week 9 in Foxborough.

These two teams will be meeting for a second time in 2011. However, this time the stakes will be much higher. The winner will take home the Lombardi Trophy.

In their week 9 match up in Foxborough, the Patriots were down in the 4th quarter once again. The score was 17-13 when Tom Brady seemingly scored on yet another one of his comeback drives for New England. Brady had thrown a seemingly game winning 14 yard touchdown to tight end Rob Gronkoski with only 1;36 remaining. This brought the score to 20-17. However, once again, Manning saved his best for last against Brady and the Patriots.

Manning drove down the field, and with the help of a questionable pass interference call got the Giants into scoring range. Many people believed the Giants were going to simply kick a field goal, but Manning had other ideas. With only 15 seconds remaining on the clock, Manning hit tight end Jake Ballard for a 1 yard touchdown to bring the Giants up by a score of 24-20. Once again, Manning had beat the Patriots in the closing seconds to dash their hopes of a victory, something Brady would surely have on his mind in a rematch.

Reason #5; Chatter over the greatest quarterback

While Brady has 3 Super Bowl titles, multiple Super Bowl MVP, mutlple regular season MVP awards, and numerous records, Manning keeps telling anyone who will listen that he is as good as Brady. While his stats surely don’t show it, he does have a Super Bowl victory against Brady. He also was named Super Bowl MVP in that same Super Bowl, a title I am sure Brady wanted to take home along with the Lombardi Trophy.

Manning has proved that he has just as good of comeback skills as Brady by beating him the last two times they faced each other in the closing seconds. Although, he never leads his team to the regular season record Brady does repeatedly, his playoff record and record agains tthe Patriots speaks for itself.


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