Buying online. What a bargain!

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You can find anything from the comfort of your own home these days.

All you need is some sort of idea what you want and go from there. My first two stops are always Amazon and ebay.

You can find some awesome bargains.

But, don’t just stop there unless you absolutely believe that is the best bargain you can get.

Check the links at the bottom of Amazon’s pages. Frequently, they go to some great sites that will be more what you are looking for and at a better price.

After doing that, you need to run a search on the search engine of your choice. You can look through what bizrate and shopzilla have, but I don’t place much stock in those. But, just check on different stores on the web.

Compare prices of the item and shipping charges. Sometimes a bargain in’t a bargain after shipping is added. And if you are really lucky you can get free shipping. Many sites offer it. Mostly, you have to buy a certain dollar amount to get it, but usually it isn’t that much. Amazon has many things that qualify for free shipping if you only spend $25.

When that is the case, just buy enough eligible items to make that amount. So instead of separate orders, save a little and buy them at the same time.

You would be amazed at what you can buy online, especially when you can’t find it in your area. Two years ago I bought a brand new tiller right off the manufacturer’s website and I got free shipping. You can order tree and fruit bushes from nurseries. I really don’t know of any thing you can’t buy off the internet these days, except for maybe guns and ammunition.

Online shopping is so great. You don’t have to burn your gas looking for something special, you can usually find a better deal, and depending on where you live, you don’t have to pay taxes on the products you buy.


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