A Heath Day Treat At Champneys Henlow Grange Health Spa

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Are you stressed and feeling down?  Do you feel like you need some pampering?  If so, why not take a trip to a health spa for a day.

Visit one with a friend or two to make the day enjoyable and fun.  You can even take your partner.

Instead of being entertained at a restaurant, you can be beautifully pampered and spoiled for a day at Henlow Grange Health Farm in Bedfordshire, England.  It is an excellent way of combating stress.

This includes a full body massage, facial massage using essential oils, manicure and pedicure with leg and foot massage and unlimited use of all their facilities.

The daily program of various health activities are a bonus, as they are included in the price and are at no extra charge.  They are all extremely enjoyable too.  They give the freedom of doing exactly what you want, such as; aerobics, step aerobics, dance, yoga, water aerobics, stretching, tummy exercises, line dancing and country walks.  Henlow Grange’s facilities are, also, excellent.  You have the choice of either using the sauna or steam room, or relaxing in a whirlpool.  There is, also, a swimming pool and an gym that has a variety of exercising equipment.

Also, included in this price, is tea or coffee in the morning, a three course buffet lunch, and afternoon tea.  The food is healthy with a variety of delicious menus obtainable from a buffet.  Carrot cake is one of their finest deserts and is popular to many of the guests.

Arrival is early in the morning.  A guide shows you around before you start your day.  You are then shown to your locker and rest rooms, where you are able to leave all belongings and change.  After, you are taken to the restaurant to have coffee or tea.  Whilst there, a time table of all the activities for the day will be given to you and you are told to make appointments for treatments as soon as possible.

There are other extras such as, a hairdresser salon, leg waxing, sun beds and head massages etc.  It is important to book these in the morning and then pay for them afterwards, as they are not included in the overall price.

One of the first activities that start in the morning is the country walk.  This is refreshing and energetic.  The fresh air outside and the fast energizing walk will stimulate the muscles.  After this you can take a break and have a coffee with your friends.

The stretch class is recommended for all ages.  The atmosphere is delightful and there are all kinds of people that take this class, so you must not worry if you are over weight.  The stretching exercises are equally inspiring, especially for the legs.  This exercise is ideal for stress and after a country walk.

After lunch, you will change into a robe that you can hire for about £1.50 and attend your treatments.  The body massage is intense.  It is the most relaxing treatment of all.  It will take all your stresses away and make your skin feel smooth and soft again, because all different types of essential oils are used.  You will be asked if you have preferences on where you want to be massaged.  For instance, most ladies do not want their tummy touched or treated.

The massage and facial will make you feel calm and almost, drunk in a way.  You are advised to relax after this.  Try to have your massage after lunch, as it gives you time in the morning to enjoy the classes.  Then you can continue the day with the massages and manicures, and any other extras you may want.

At the end of the day, it is best to take up the yoga class for beginners or if you are not a beginner, then there are advanced classes.  Yoga will calm the senses, so it is highly recommended.

There are, also, rooms if you want to stay for a night or two.  If you do, the program of daily exercise classes are different each day.  Staying one or two nights may give you the benefit of trying many other classes that may have been unavailable the day before.

If you feel stressed and want to get healthy, then why not start off by arranging a day or even one night at a Health Farm or Spa.  This would, also, be a great thing to do if you need to loose some weight or just want to be pampered, but do not know how to go about it.  A visit to a Health Farm could help you to get into the mode of exercising and will help you with a daily routine in order for you to keep fit.

Visiting Henlow Grange will be completely worth while for anyone.  Especially, if you are feeling stressed.  You can, also, treat someone to a gift for Christmas by purchasing gift vouchers to visit this Health Farm.  Also, why not treat yourself before getting married.  It is the perfect way to prepare yourself during your pre-wedding months, getting organised with your beauty and weight management before the big event!

Arrival 9.00am Departure 6.00pm.


– Welcome refreshing juice drink
– Champneys Massage (25 mins)
– Relaxing Facial (25 mins)
– Manicure (25 mins)
– Pedicure (25 mins)
– A hot and cold delicious Luncheon
– A choice of over 20 classes per day both indoors and outdoors.
– Complimentary robe hire.

Price: (Mon-Thur) is £155 per person Price: (Fri-Sun) is £175 per person


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