The Secret of How To Get More Customer At Shows And Festivals

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Did you know most business owners fail to get new customers at fairs and festivals?

Here is the routine: 
You sit there all day, just wasting your time. Nobody is interested in your fancy videos, fantastic displays, or charming smile.

You would be better off going trout fishing, you will probably be a lot more productive.

Having done many, many shows. I have found that maybe 15% of the customers that passed by my table was interested in my products or services. Those 15% always requested a business card and/or a brochure.

The rest were simply browsers. They may or may not be interested in your product or service at the moment.

Maybe in the near future, or perhaps someone they know could use your product or service someday. 
They will probably forget about you and your company once they go to the next table. You have wasted your time by being there.


Give them a small gift so they will remember you.


Everybody, I mean everybody, that passes by your table, give them a pen, pencil, small calendar, ruler, memo pad, or other promotional item with your company’s contact information imprinted on it, including your web address.

Do not display your promotional items on your table. Most adults will be reluctant to take one of them anyway. Keep them in your hands and pass them out to your potential customers. 
(Kids are the worst for grabbing a handful of your items and running off with them. You will run out in no time. Your target market is probably not the kids but the adults.)

Only give the adults a brochure or business card if they ask for them.

What promotional items are best?

I recommend that you use a mixture of pens, pencils, rulers, business card calendars, memo pads, etc.

I always give away the most expensive ones first.

That would be your memo pads and calendars. Next I would give out the pens, pencils, rulers, etc.

Of course, if you are selling food items, give out samples first. My experience is that people that sells food items usually do the most sales.

Did you know people tend to lose business cards? It’s best to give them a promo item that they can use on a regular basis.

One of my favorites is the business card magnets. You can paste your business card on the top of the calendar. The calendar can then placed on any metal surface like a fridge or a metal file cabinet.

Stick-on-calendars are also great. They stick to most any surface.

Now you know the secret in getting more customers at shows and festivals.


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