Does Wearing Eyeglasses Make Your Vision Worse In The Long Run?

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One of the most common questions asked by those wearing eye glasses is that whether it makes their eyesight worse through years of use. This is not entirely true for various reasons.

Aging, Presbyopia and eyeglasses:

For those approaching their mid-forties, a natural loss of near vision called presbyopia starts to develop, which requires “reading” glasses.  This seems to get worse with the reading glasses and because of this the decreased vision is blamed on the glasses. The wearer gets so used to seeing clearly with glasses that when they take them off, it feels as though their vision is worse.

In reality, it is the perception caused by the difference between corrected vision and the vision without glasses. Before wearing the glasses, everything looks blurry and until you get the glasses, this seems normal. After the prescription for eye glasses everything looks clear. A few months later, when you are used to these eye glasses, it appears as though your vision is worse when you take the glasses off and see without them.

The truth is, glasses make it easy to focus and the eyes become lazy. You become dependent on them. Without them, you have to make an effort to focus, resulting in the false conclusion that your glasses have made your vision worse.

The lens power of the eyes has a tendency to change with age, and this is a process that happens whether or not you wear the eye glasses. Near sighted or myopic children aged eight to twelve years, need vision correction over the next few years. These children grow up, believing that the eye glasses they wore have made their vision worse.

Eyeglasses correct vision:

The purpose of wearing eye glasses is to improve vision. They do not play a role in making vision worse in the long run. Even though people believe that the eye glasses are the culprits behind needing higher lens prescriptions, the fact is that presbyopia and myopia will progress, lens or no lens. For those who could read a book holding it close to their eyes,  the inability to do it as they get older and wear eye glasses makes them believe that the eye glasses are the cause for their deteriorating vision. Presbyopia is characterised by the failure of the eyes to focus properly on nearby objects. With age, the point we can focus on seems to go further and further away making it hard to read print. The flexibility of the eyes’ lenses reduces over time and because of this, vision becomes less efficient.

 Your optician will tell you that the eyes begin to lose their ability to focus from age ten, but this manifests only around the age of forty, causing presbyopia. Eye glasses will neither slow down nor accelerate the gradual loss of vision although, once you start wearing the glasses, you simply recognize the difference between wearing them and not wearing them. If you would like to learn more, why not get in touch with your optician?


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