Hubpages VS Triond: Why Not Just Write For Both?

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Hubpages and Triond are very similar to one another, mainly because it gives writers the chance to pick any subject to write about. I write for both, and I like the results from my work on both. The main difference between Hubpages and Triond is the ability to have articles published at a faster speed. With Triond, the writer has to wait until the website publishes their work, but honestly, this doesn’t take very long, and it is not a hard process to go through either. This debate, by the looks of it, has been going on for a while, but it seems to me that the only reason why it has been is because many people do not have the correct information about how to make money from these sites.

Here are the similarities:

  • They both use Adsense

  • Writers can write about whatever topic they want about in both

  • Writers can earn money from both adsense and residual income

  • Writers get accolades or “trophies” to congratulate them on their hard work and to show off their Milestones

  • Writers have the option of marketing their published articles as soon as they publish them.

  • And finally: They are both incredibly popular among readers. More than 50% of the time, the most popular and content filled articles come from either Triond or Hubpages!

Main Differences: Even though Hubpages and Triond are very much alike, there are some key differences between them that make either one of them more or less favorable to their writers.

  • With triond, you do have to wait until the site publishes your articles, for first time publishers it may take a day, but as soon as you publish more articles, the wait is less. Hubpages publishes your articles instantly, but there isn’t a way to promote the articles like Triond after publication.

  • Writers can earn their fair share of money working for both Triond and Hubpages. On hubpages the split is 60/40, on Triond its 50/50. Hubpages has the Hubpages Ad program which is basically a program where you can see you earnings in Pennies adding up each and every month! Like triond, a person can publish and earn money every month, however, on Triond you can cash out you reach the threshold of .50 cents. on Hubpages it’s more like $50. BIG difference.

  • Both Triond and Hubpages give you accolades or “trophies” where the writer can show off when they reach a small or big milestone: how many articles they publish, how many times they’ve been viewed and so on. These are more apparent on Hubpages, but Triond Writers also get their news shared on the “news feed” prompting others to be more interested on the articles.

  • Writers can promote their articles on both Hubpages and Triond, however on Triond, writers can promote their articles from over 329 social networks, webpages and so on, from the “share” button provided by the website. Hubpages does not have a button such as this one, but writers can promote their articles on their own.

  • Finally! Both Hubpages and Triond users can earn money from both websites! They can write about whatever they like! So, why not earn extra money and just write for both. They both get incredible amounts of traffic and great comments from social networks!

I hope this helps all those that are wondering which is the “better” writing site. Its all about what you prefer!


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