Save money with computers – Build your own (Part 3)

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Parts of the computer
There are required parts needed by a computer and there are non essential parts.
The standard parts needed are:
cpu (intel or amd)
hdd (hard disk drive)
psu (power supply unit)
monitor w/wo speakers
dvd/cd drive

Other non essitial parts include:
gpu*** (graphics card – usually nvidia or ati)
card reader
tv tuner
and the list continues…

*** for the gpu, certain motherboards come with inbuilt graphic processors, make sure if the mother board your looking at has this or not, otherwise it is highly avisable that you purchase a gpu for your computer

CPU: This is essentially the core of the computer which processes information, calculates data. It is basically the brains of the machine. The higher the GHZ the more powerful the CPU is. (will have link)

HDD: The storage of the computer, the place the data is kept when the computer is turned off and the place where the computer gets all the information required to run. (will have link)

RAM: This is where the data from the HDD is loaded to for the computer to run quickly, making loading and running applications quick.

Motherboard: The mother of the system, where all the devices connect to so each can commpunicate with each other.

Case: The external covering of the computer.

PSU: Simply put, this supplies power to the computer to run. (will have link)

GPU: The device which calculates and generates all the video and graphics on the computer, responsible for running games, creating 3D pictures and also making all moving pictures appear smooth, including the movement of the mouse.

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