Mini Sites And Authority Sites- Choosing The Right Model For You

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There has been a lot of discussion over which types of sites are better for marketers: authority sites or mini sites. However, Google seems to have the final say in the outcome of this type of debate. It seems that mini sites no longer enjoy the favor with Google they once had. However, the last few changes in ranking algorithms seem to favor those content rich authority sites rather than mini sites. Obviously, Google is seeking a way to provide more pertinent results to their users. Despite this, a mini site still has its place in your marketing efforts.

Sometimes people are only interested in a particular aspect of a given market or niche. This is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Some marketers call a very thin market segment like this a micro-niche. In that case then an authority site may not work as well as a mini site. With the latter, you can target just one or two main keyword phrases very easily and often rank very well in a short time. That is, of course, assuming that competition for these keywords isn’t overcrowded. In all honesty, you can also target micro-niches inside authority sites too. If that doesn’t appeal to you at all, then a mini site might be your best choice.

Deciding between authority and mini sites can be explored from several angles. Let’s say you have ten mini sites and one huge site that is an authority site. Then let’s think about getting traffic to each situation. Each of the ten mini sites will need you to drive traffic to them individually. You’ll also have to dedicate time and energy to drive traffic to the larger authority site. The difference is that you can deliver traffic to one page within the same site with authority sites. In other words you can leverage your time better with authority sites. There’s also what is known as a “stickiness” value associated with larger sites. It is almost impossible to make mini sites “sticky” because they have so little content.

There are so many more ways to make money with an authority site. Just one that will be waiting for you down the line is the ability to sell advertising space. Whether or not you can make a lot of money with that is based on many factors. Banner space is a favorite ad revenue model for most authority sites ranked high in the serps. You are not limited to selling banner space, and there is much more you can do.

The option of building an authority site or a mini site is something that is determined by the way Google ranks sites in search results. Mini sites can be great tools for any marketer, but you may find you need to spend more time finding ways to attract traffic. Any well considered marketing plan should include mini sites somewhere. But there is more to be gained by those who are creative and willing to put the work in to build a larger site.


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