The Viability of Outsourcing Appointment Setting For Software Companies

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The population of software companies across the globe has boomed since it started. This sector, which started with a small number is now becoming populous. Although this high number of companies make it possible for consumers not to run out of supply, this intensifies the competition between software firms. They could not anymore taste the luxury of earning more sales due to large customer base before. At the present time, customers have a lot of choices where they can buy software. Because of this, product sellers have to implement various marketing and advertising campaigns just to attract as many clients as they can.

This challenge is felt by all business entities. Even large ones feel the intense pressure. To combat this fierce rivalry, they are now more active with lead generation and appointment setting. They are not anymore confined in their offices, waiting for clients to come. Instead, they reach out to them, make proposals, and close business deals. The faster they connect with the prospects, the higher the chances of them making sales. But of course, closed sales also depend with other factors, including the price tag, quality of the products and reputation of the seller. Marketing now becomes one of the primary tools for them to survive.

When it comes to generating software sales leads and appointments, they can either do it on their own or pay the services of a BPO partner, which is usually a telemarketing call center. They know very well what it takes to run a successful campaign and how much it costs. The other concern is the viability of outsourcing a third party service provider. Are they going to cut back on expenses and to achieve higher quality if they contract an outbound call center? Let us check on this.

Is outsourcing cost-efficient? There has never been a question about the affordable solutions of outsourced services. It is by far cheaper than an on-site contact center. How? First, no expenses for the recruitment, hiring, training and employing of telemarketers will be incurred. Second, you will avoid acquiring the costly telecommunications equipment and other technology. Third, you will not be scratching your head from the additional employee benefits. Fourth, utilities are not anymore a problem. Fifth, you do not need to borrow money just to finance the construction of a secured facility. Sum these costs and you will not wonder why seeking outside support is a cost-saver.

Does it have a clear understanding of your business? Understanding a client’s business is a key factor in creating a marketing campaign. And each client has unique features that other clients have, even if they are selling the same products. As such, what reliable call centers do is they conduct kick-off meeting with the client. The discussions will revolve around the client’s business, target market and solutions. Through this, the service provider can gain the right information needed to craft a good calling script, business contact database and marketing strategies.

Does a telemarketing firm employ skilled manpower? No one can generalize that all outsourcers do employ high-profile luminaries or incompetent individuals. It is true that there are firms that do not have the right people, but there are also others that are manned by experienced marketing experts. For reputable companies, they only assigned industry-specialized people, who have a wealth of experience in the software sector.

Does it have an updated business contact list? Outsourcers themselves have a repository of business data. So, if you don’t have one, they can extract a database of your targeted prospects.

It has always been a choice between in-house or outside lead generation and appointment setting. The aforementioned statements suggest that outsourcing is a viable marketing investment as long as you partner with an outstanding BPO partner.


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