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                                         Mackeeper serial

Mackeeper is outstanding computer software with sixteen spunky utilities to maintain your Mac similar to new.It’s an easy way to manage routine tasks and keep your Mac secured, clean, reliable, fast and attended! It gives you a fortnightly trial for examination push. You are able to extend its trial interval for a single yr employing a Mackeeper serial.

MacKeeper is a bundle of most important system utilities for performing different tasks on your Mac. It will rescue you from numerous apps and dozens of customer support centers.

Because macs are so versatile you will no doubt be using your device for everything from checking your e-mails, listening to the latest songs on iTunes, and downloading the latest games in the mac app store, but you will also be doing your work from your mac too. 

This service allows you to select certain files and folders and mark them as invisible so that not even Finder or Terminal will know where they are. You can select your own password for these items so they wonТt be read or deleted accidentally. For an extra layer of protection you can password protect a folder and then password protect a file inside that folder so you are doubly sure that no one will see what youre doing.

 There are a lot of handy optimization programs and a complete suite of cleaning tools, which will flush the garage files out of your Mac. The MacKeeper’s optimization tool box shortens the time lost in loading the files, thus making your system run faster and more efficient. Also provided in the package is the Update Tracker to ensure that you have all the latest updated versions of the installed applications.

The benefit of this is that once you have hidden a file, it can be accessed via the MacKeeper application only, but, once revealed, the option of contextual menu can be used in order to gain access to the original file.

Even the largest hard drive has a capacity, and everything you add to it will get it nearer to that point. A lot of music, photos, an unemptied Trash or other stuff can fill up a drive and potentially cause problems.

MacKeeper is a multi-purpose Mac utility, and one of its functions is to help to optimize the system. When you buy a MacKeeper serial key, you get to have several utilities that help keep your Mac fast without you having to do much work or know very much about your system. Even if you are tech savvy, MacKeeper can be a great way to keep your Mac running at peak performance.

 After the installation of this software, you need not worry about these issues any more.

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