Tvi Express – a Brief Overview

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TVI Express has been around since the year 2009 and its main base is located in London.  The company has spread its wings to different continents of the world including China and India before it penetrates into the U.S. and Canada market.  This business provides its members with lucrative profiting opportunities and since it is based on the concepts of multilevel marketing, members of this program should expect that a pyramid scheme is being used.

Even though TVI Express is basically a multilevel program it is very different from the others because the company provides real opportunities to its members.  Paid members are given access to business class travel trips but the great thing is they are able to enjoy a comfortable reduction of price.  This means they are able book on flight tickets, luxury hotels, luxury rental cars and cruises all with unbelievably discount offers.

Upon registration members will also be given a free holiday trip including free return flight tickets for one whole week to a destination of their own choice.  Due to this attractive remuneration package, the company has managed to attracted more than 200,000 members in just six months after their commencement. 

TVI Express allows its members to earn a nice sum of ten thousand dollars in just two weeks upon registration.  However, just like any multilevel programs, if a member wants to earn such an amount in a very short period of time, the individual are expected to dedicate some hours of work.  It is possible to earn a huge income especially when the person has a reliable network to refer to. 

In order to join TVI Express, a person needs to pay a small membership fee amounting to $250.  Following the payment, the person will get access to his own individual website where he is allowed to promote products of the company according to whatever methods he chooses to employ.  At the same time the member will also be allowed access to the travel discount membership website as well as the one-week free trip as the welcome bonus.

TVI Express is very generous on its members because they are only required to pay a one-off membership payment and there will be no recurring monthly fees. People who often travel will find that this program is the most beneficial because many luxury holiday packages can be purchased with a price that is truly affordable.

The company imposes a simple rule for every member if they want to succeed in this program.  Each member is required to bring in at least two new members into the company and that’s all to it.  During the entrance stage, you will be positioned at the traveler board but when you have managed to bring in the two new members your position will be upgraded and you’ll have the potential of earning $500 with half of the amount presented in the form of e-voucher.  The e-voucher can be used to redeem a stay in hotels and flight tickets, to name a few.  If a person is able to bring in more new members into the program, his position will rank higher on the board and thus there is a potential for him to earn a steady income of ten thousand dollars, with half of the amount presented in the form of e-voucher.


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