Making Gold in world of warcraft

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How to make wow gold.

No matter what level, race or class there is one thing that drives each and every one of us in World of Warcraft and thats gold. We all want/ need the stuff and this guide will show you some simple ways of making gold in World of Warcraft.

1… Farming.

Farming is a term that is used that basically means that you are searching for a particular item or items. All players have done farming and it’s one of the easiest ways of making gold. It’s also very good for low level players that don’t have a lot of money. All you have to do is go out there and kill some mods, Get there loot and sell it. It’s as simple as that. It can take time, But the more you do it the faster you’ll get at it.

But you can still do farming at higher levels, Searching mod kills for particulally rare and valuable items. Also you can farm items from instances like the Deadmines, Stormwind Stockade, Gnomeregan and Uldaman. Then try selling the items you find on the Auction House or for low value item sell to the vendors (Gray Items).

Item Colour Codes
Keep a note of the items you collect and there colour as they can change the value of items a lot.

Most common and of low value.

Common but with little value.

Uncommon and good value.

Very rare and quite valuable.

Purple Epic
Extremely Rare and extremely valuable.

Orange Legendary
Just about impossible to find and are insanely valuable

2… Gathering Professions.

Gathering professions such as Mining, Herbalism and Skinning can make a lot of gold due to the fact that they are the backbone of any crafting profession. Due to this there is always a very high demand for profession items at the auction house. Things like Herbs, Ore & Leather are the main 3 that sell well. The really good thing is they are really easy to get a hold of and you can start collecting these items from as low as level 6.

Now has come the time for you to pick your professions. You have to pick between Mining, Herbalism & Skinning. As you can only have 2 of these your best bet would be to pick between Mining or Herbalism for your first profession and then have Skinning as the second. This would then allow you to gain a very big boost as you’ll be able to gain leather from most of the kills you make as you go around farming for herbs/ore

Though if you really want Mining and Herbalism as your gathering professions then there is a way of doing it. The problem with having both Mining and Herbalism is that you can’t see both of them on the minimap at the same time. But there is a way around this. You could get an addon called

This add on will show you the locations of where you have gathered from before on the minimap, Then just use the macro system to create a macro that will allow you to switch between Mining and Herbalism.

Macro command line
/castsequence Find Herbs, Find Minerals

Also one little tip if you use the “?” icon it will show you what is next in line after you hit it. Its an easyer way of changing your minimap to search for orbs or herbs

For more information on these professions and others see the official world of warcraft professions page

3… Playing The Auction House.

Playing the Auction House in world of warcraft is something that takes time and a bit of gold. There is one rule that you should always live by when playing the Auction House and thats buy small and sell big. It may sound hard but all you need to do is some research in the Auction House. Find out how much some items go for and just look out for some good deals. Its like when you see some guy selling 20 of item X for C amount and the normal selling price for these items is A amount. Then buy item X from him and then resale for price A and you’ll be in with a winner.

4… Vendor Resale

This part is very easy and can net you a lot of gold. All you have to do is when your out in the world can you come across a vendor that sells something of value. Like pets, profession books, recipes or faction items and more. Then after getting this item resale it on the Auction House for a lot more…

There are a lot of pet vendors around in world of warcraft that sell pets for silver and in most cases they resale for gold in most Auction House. Sometimes even hundreds or thousands of gold depending of the type or how rare the pet is.

Profession Books
Some profession need books to gain access to higher levels, These books are normally sale by vendors around the place which let the pets will resale on most Auction House for lot of gold.

You can buy recipes from vendors and then resale for a higher price. You can also gain recipes that are dropped from mod kills (Farming for recipes)

Faction Items
Faction items are items that the other faction can’t get or would have a very hard time getting. These items normally sell for a lot and the best place to sell them are at one of the cross faction Auction Houses… Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Everlook.

…Happy Gold Making….


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