Thank God i Lost it

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If  i look back at some of the things i  lost , i have no choice but to thank God i lost them. When  i was growing up, everyone who  knew how  to define a cell, solve some physics problems on  equilibrium  and could  define an atom had ambitions of  becoming   a medical doctor. I tried my best to enter this  “prestigious” league because i wanted recognition but  i lost . I  was downcast for  some years and couldn’t apply myself completely to study any other course.Many years later while  waiting drowsily in the hospital  for my wife to be delivered. Highly neauseated by the smell of anitseptic and other fluids.I  watched as the doctors moved frantically at the wee hours of the morning trying to maintain order .It dawned on me  that this was not my thing. I  began to thank God i lost it

My girlfriend was as pretty as pretty could  be and  dating   her turned me into instant celebrity .Infact to say she was charming would be an understatement. I would be forgiven if i call her a neck-bender because it would be diffcult for a nubile man not to turn when she passes. The worse part was  that she knew all this .  Men  flock around her as flies flock would  a mango in the hot african sun. If i say i was in love it would  be  an understatement .Suddenly, another man who had more  money than i did  appeared from no where and snatched her out of my clenched fist . I was downcast,heartbroken and confused at the sametime. To add salt  to injury all of us stayed  in the same complex.  Friends promised to help me kill ,shoot or maim the guy but i kept my cool. Few months later the well heeled guy  was shot by another man who wanted the same  girl .I had no choice but to thank God i lost it

Since i had  been actively engaged in  this ministry for quite some time  ,it was unanimously agreed that i was going to be made  a pastor. Suddenly ,the intrigues started ,the politics involved made politics  outside the church a child’s play.  I lost out  and   out of the door went all the perks  that were promised  to me   .I was frustrated because i had already resigned from my job .Things were so difficult that  i contemplated leaving the ministry .Less than two years,the ministry closed down shop and i am now gainfully employed .I  can’t help but praise God i lost it .

When i was young and naive  money flowed like nobody’s business .Women flocked around me as if i was going out of fashion . Then  to me AIDS simply means  the alphabeth a-i-d-s and nothing more. One thing must kill a man was my favorite phrase whenever i was  reprimanded by my sister .Suddenly ,a business deal went sour and i became a has been .I dont have a prize for guessing correctly what  became of those  women .I began to have a different view about  life and it helped me bounce back quicker. Thank God i lost it

Things were so bad that describing my situation as bad was to put it mildly . I  was on my way   to the  shops to purchase rat poison to put myself out of misery . Walking infront of me was this African woman ,endowed in all departments physically. My attention drifted to an  inscription at  the back of her jeans it read  “Tough times never  last but tough people do” .What an inspiration from  the most unlikely places. I  turned back and headed back to my house. .Looking back now while cruising in my latest car, i couldn’t help but thank God i lost it

When you get what you want ,would you want what you get .Take it easy my friend ,you could thank God you lost it .


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