Basic Information on Breast Cancer

This medical condition affects young girls in their twenties and research has shown that the two major factors that determine the risks of contracting breast cancer are age and gender. A girl in her twenties is most prone to breast cancer than others.

The chances of contracting this disease may begin in early life however the more you get exposed to carcinogens or in simpler terms the cancer causing agents, the more chances of you contracting the disease. Thus, from early twenty years onwards, females become more and more prone to breast cancer.

With each decade that goes by, the risk for contracting this disease goes on increasing and as you age, you are the most prone to fall prey to this cancer.

Another major factor that is to be considered when it comes to considering the risk for developing this disease is the skin color. Research has shown that fair skinned females are more prone to this cancer than the dark skinned females. The number of people developing cancer is on the rise and it is increasing every year.

Thus, age, gender and skin color determine your risks for developing the disease, but why exactly do you develop the disease? It may so happen that although you have all the risk factors, you may not contract the disease. On the other hand, you may not be at risk for developing the disease but still you end up contracting the disease. There are some reasons as to why you contract the disease.

Firstly, being exposed to radiation either in the form of medical treatment or environmental harmful radiations has known to cause infections, break down your immunity and make you more prone to developing the disease. Secondly, since breast cancer is a female-driven disease, it has to do with the hormones during menstruation. Research has shown that those females who have an early start of menses and a late end of menses are more prone to developing cancer. Thus, it tells us that it has something to do with female hormones. Thirdly, it is supposed to run in the family, hence if you have a relative who has suffered from breast cancer than you may be prone to develop it. It has also been seen that excessive alcohol intake and intake of excessive saturated fats also contribute to increased risk of developing breast cancer. Thus, diet too may be a causative factor.

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