Breast Reconstruction Tips And Advice

Breast reconstruction is a medical procedure where the patient who has suffered trauma, injury or have had an operation in the area of the chest is to undergo reconstruction of both form and function. Surgeons with the license and qualifications to perform the surgery are basically the same with people who perform cosmetic surgery operations. This operation may be performed for two breasts or just one, depending on the need and the preferences of the patient. The doctor can also make recommendations regarding the decisions that the patient will make.

There are several options that a patent may decide on. Breast implants and fillers are popular choices for women who wish to return the form of their chest after a mastectomy. After such an operation, there may be some tissue that has been affected so the doctor can actually recommend the minimum size of the implants that will be needed. Some women find that breast reconstruction surgery is a good opportunity to enhance or augment their appearance.

Many opt for a bigger cup size compared to what they originally had while others may wish to match up their cups sizes if only one side is affected by the mastectomy. Fillers make some women more comfortable since fat and other body tissues from some other part of their body may be used to fill up the empty space left by the mastectomy. This technique is called lipo-filling. Tissue expanders are also another option for women.

These devices are placed strategically to encourage the expansion of the present tissue, enabling the woman to accommodate any filling or implant. The profile of the bosom, when they undergo the reconstructive process is also something that the doctors consult their patients with. If both sides are affected, this option is very good but when only one side is affected, it is common sense to follow the profile of the remaining side in order to match them well.

Breast reconstruction can also come in the form of filling in a lump not an entire cavity. A lumpectomy can be performed on a woman if there is a lump taken from the chest. This means that both breasts are still present but a small lump or area has been taken from just one or both. Fillers work well with this kind of operation instead of the usually silicone or saline implants. An indentation is sometimes left when a lumpectomy has been performed and many women do not wish to have something so obvious in their chest.

The medication that may be administered on the patient is also something that the woman has a choice with. Doctors should run through the list of medicines and drugs that will be used for the procedure. This is to check and see if there are any to which the woman is allergic to or unfamiliar with. Even the ones to be used for the recovery period should also be checked by the doctor to make sure there will be no adverse side effects from this angle.These options for breast reconstruction are just a few of the more common ones that women have.

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