Breast Reduction Recovery Tips

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When planning for your breast reduction, you are going to need to take time off from work. Most people use vacation time that they have accumulated. If this is the case, be sure to give plenty of notice with your supervisor so that you aren’t denied the time. Also, schedule the surgery around a time that would be good for you to leave work for. You don’t want to be gone in the middle of a busy season and find that when you get back to work, you have so much to catch up on that you are going to have to work overtime.

Take off more time that you may need for a breast reduction. It is always a good idea to take off too much time and phone in to let them know that you are coming back early as opposed to being gone for an extended amount of time and then looking for a few more days. This gives you a cushion in case you aren’t feeling well, it takes a little longer to get back into your normal routine, or a complication arises.

Prepare for Your Time Off

You want to come back to work after a breast reduction with the best possible situation. This means that you can take time to plan in advance and set yourself up to be successful. This may mean that you spend some extra hours at work for the few days or weeks leading up to your departure. If there are deadlines that need to be met while you are gone, getting them done in advance will give you a chance to completely relax and rest during your recovery time. It takes away the anxiety of what needs to be done and can keep you from heading back to the office early.

If you have a phone message or automatic reply on your email, set these things in advance. You don’t have to let everyone know that you are having a breast reduction, but you do need to give them some idea of when you are going to be back. If there is someone else in the office that handles things while you are gone, be sure to leave their name and contact information.

Draw the line when it comes to what you can and cannot do while you are away from the office recovering. If you think that you will be able to check your email and send out updates from home, go ahead. Just make sure that you are constantly regulating what you are doing. If you feel exhausted or unwell, you have already done too much and you need it easy the next day to make up for it.


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