Cancer Survival Tips For The Family – Dealing With Terminal Illness

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Breast Cancer is all too common in our society and world today. In fact, everyone has to deal with it at some point in their lives depending on whether or not they receive it, or if someone they know gets it. Whatever the case, one has to decide on how to deal with it, and he or she may have a short or long life ahead, which is dependent upon whether or not their body is strong enough to overcome it.

Here are some helpful tips in dealing with this terrible condition. The family will always go through a coping mechanism, so they can eventually become prepared for either the survival or the death of someone, that is close to them. The family as well as the individual will go through Elizabeth Ross’s stages of grief, which are shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This can take months or years for a person to grieve. They will want to spend as much time as needed with that person who has this disease, so they can cope as well. In essence, much support is needed in order to help them become confident in overcoming it, or to accept their fate. Each person copes differently, so some level of tolerance is needed. The last area that the family will have to keep in mind is that everyone may or may not want to go to the doctor or have hospice care with their condition. Whatever the case, they will need to remain a support.

For anyone who has gone through this cancer, you are looked up to and admired by the public. We are thankful for all of you, and how you contribute to society. All of us are here for you as well as your families. This is in honor of those who have survived and passed away from this currently or in the past.

The author of this article had a family who went through Breast and Pancreatic Cancer and never survived. My name is Elizabeth Mattke. I have my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and am currently working on my DBA through Columbia Southern University. I am happily married to my husband. In 2010, I published three articles through Franklin Publishing Company as well as am a Professor through BoldChristianUniversity. I also have my own business through Scentsy as an Independent Consultant. My passion is teaching, writing and running a business.


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