How To Properly Test Perfume

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Before buying perfume, you should always test it. Perfume smells differently in the bottle than it does on your skin or clothes. The fragrance also changes from person to person. You may smell a perfume on your friend and want to rush out to buy it, only to discover that it doesn’t smell the same on you. Below are some techniques on how to properly test perfume, so you can get the most out of your fragrance.

Testing out a new perfume can be fun, but it can also be anxious and maybe even a little nauseous. The next time you go to select a perfume for yourself, maybe sure you test the fragrance correctly.

When you apply a perfume, it takes a few minutes for the fragrance to actually absorb. If you smell it right away, you are just smelling the alcohol that evaporated when you just opened the bottle. You need to let it air out before really judging the fragrance. You’ll only get a true sense of the perfume after it has been on your skin for about half an hour.

Keep in mind that any other fragrance you have on may greatly clash with the perfume you want to test out. Even your shampoo and conditioner may have an effect on the fragrance. The best thing to do is not apply any other fragrance when you are going to test out a perfume – this includes body lotion, shower gel and perfume. If your shampoo has a very strong fragrance, put your hair back for a while so that t doesn’t interfere with the perfume you are testing out.

It’s best not to spray the perfume in your hair or anywhere directly on you. Spray the perfume in the air and walk into it, letting the fragrance gently fall on you.

If you want to test several perfumes in one day, use a perfume blotter. It is important that you take a whiff of something strong in between fragrances in order to cleanse the palate. They usually have jars of coffee sitting on the counters which really help with this, so don’t be surprised when you see people sniffing coffee. If you are testing multiple perfumes, don’t do more than a few in a day. You may get a headache and the scents will no longer be appealing to you.

Try to sample perfumes in different categories. You may not be able to tell the difference between perfumes in the same family if you smell one after the other. For example, first try testing out a perfume in the Oriental category, like White Tea by Bvlgari, then try something Floral, like Euphoria by Calvin Klein, then take a whiff of Happy by Clinique. (Remember to sniff coffee in between each fragrance).


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