Extended Stay Hotels in Edmonton – Tips For Business Travelers

If you are planning an extended stay in Edmonton on business, it is a great idea to find an extended stay hotel. During your visit you can also explore the variety of attractions that Edmonton has to offer. These hotels offer business travelers fully furnished accommodation with an attached kitchenette, housekeeping services and all the facilities they need for a comfortable stay. 

While regular hotels are suitable for short trips, longer stays can be expensive. With most businesses focusing on cutting costs, the savings from extended stay hotels can be significant compared to regular hotels.

These hotels have special packages for business travelers and offer many benefits in the form of spacious accommodation, competitive prices, discounts and savings, Wi-Fi access to always stay connected to your business, a well-equipped kitchenette where you can quickly prepare a meal and a gym or fitness center to help you stay fit when you travel. If you book your stay online, you can club your flight tickets with a good deal on an Edmonton extended stay hotel and enjoy great savings.

Here are some tips you can use to make your stay in Edmonton a successful one:

•Through a quick online search short list a few hotels that offer extended stay packages in Edmonton. Several hotels offer long term rental packages that cater to different needs.

•Narrow your list down to a reputed extended stay hotel such as the Yellowhead Inn that is conveniently located and has all the facilities you need such as clean and spacious accommodation, excellent service, entertainment, high speed internet access, voicemail business meeting facilities and so on. Most hotels have a website through which they accept reservations.

•Call the hotel to get details about extended stay packages, discounts and other extras.

•If your family plans to join you at some point during your trip, ensure that the hotel can make arrangements for their stay as well.

•Check for availability of accommodation based on your dates of travel

•Book your Edmonton stay in advance

These hotels specialize in offering business travelers a smooth experience with their stay. Almost all of them offer suites with a sleeping area, a kitchen and an attached bathroom. The guest does not have to worry about maintenance since all that is taken care of by the hotel staff. The kitchens usually have a refrigerator, cooking arrangements, coffee makers, cookware, utensils and tableware so that after a tiring day at work, the guest need not worry about looking for a restaurant for dinner. Some Edmonton extended stay hotels like Yellowhead Inn also have an onsite gas station and parking facilities.

These hotels score over regular hotels in price, comfort and service. When you book yourself in, get friendly with the hotel staff to ensure excellent service. Find out when the front desk staff is usually available so that you can get all your refills quickly.  On the day you arrive, stock your fridge.  Many Edmonton hotels offer special weekend prices, so make sure you arrive during this time.

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