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The line ‘Life is a beautiful living punctuated by habits’ makes an apt statement when it comes to lessons learned during the early childhood. The early stages of childhood define the character and personality of the individual in later years of life. It is to say that the values inherited by the child generally shape his lifestyle orientations and personality in a large spectrum. Thus, it becomes imperative that we teach our children right lessons in the childhood so that they can reap the benefits when they enter the energetic youthful years. BJU Press is one such vibrant and great character training resource offering inspirational children’s book.

Apart from education the child gets to learn in the school, moral values plays a vital role in bringing up the child rightfully. The trend of homeschooling has widely spread to larger realms with BJU Press originated to facilitate burgeoning Christian school movement. This Press brings out a whole range of k-12 textbooks to enlighten the innocent souls about different beliefs and aspects of life that in turn prepare the child to intrepidly face the intricacies of life in a long run in the later stages of life.

The BJU Press has a fully-grown editorial desk that works on the philosophy of ‘Christian world view’ also known as Bible integration. It makes a vital source that publishes fictional titles for children and young adults as it supplies largest numbers of books to home school families across the nation. BJU Press not only brings out books, it also offers other forms of character-building resources in the form of games and toys. Moreover, the Press not only brings out study material for children in fact, it makes a vital resource for teachers too.

In this age of instant gratification, it becomes important that our children are well-versed with the right way of living. The textbooks offered by BJU Press to the home school resources can help attain this goal in a right manner. With the emergence of home school families in nearly every state, it has become quite easy for parents to help acquaint their children with the Christian world view. In fact, parents can also take assistance from trade books and biographies published by the BJU Press to impart the right lessons to their child.

Likewise, it can be said that the role of BJU Press in establishment and understanding of Christian moral values and principles among children is quite complimentary. Since long, large number of home school families has been inculcating rightful lessons from Christian viewpoint to their students with the help of BJU Press textbooks.

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