Tubal Reversal And Trying To Conceive

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After the tubal reversal surgery a majority of the couples are in a hurry to try to get pregnant. While many believe it is going to be “easy as pie” others are gearing up their arsenals. The women will begin charting their cycles and making sure they know when they are due to ovulate. Knowing full well that the time to get pregnant is when the egg is released means this is the time to be ready.

The time has come to begin taking the prenatal vitamins. The race is on. Now to plan everything to hit the time exactly right.

When the first cycle comes and goes and there is no positive pregnancy test the frustration begins. But the talking with friends on the tubal reversal message board helps to get through things and there is always next month. The new plan begins again. Everyone on the message board belonging to the trying to conceive thread offers hope and prayers.

The problem is when some of us are trying to conceive we become stressed. Although we know that stress is not good, it can be hard to block out. We want everything times perfectly, we want that positive pregnancy test. The problem is this begins to consume our daily lives. We ask how many months this will take and we also think we are the ones that the surgery will not work for.

As time goes on it becomes evident that trying to conceive is causing problems in our relationships. We are taking everything in our lives and wrapping it around trying to get pregnant and this causes stress. The testing for ovulation and planning everything just right consumes our every waking moment. All discussions with our significant others is around the baby-making process and whether or not this will be the month. And when the next pregnancy test comes back negative the cycle begins again. Many begin to wonder if pregnancy will ever happen.

Stress in the relationship is not good and we all know this. It is very important that the couple keeps in mind that the pregnancy will happen when the time is right. There really isn’t anything that we can do to guarantee pregnancy. We can know ovulation time and go from there.

Trying to do things as a couple that does not revolve around trying to get pregnant works wonders. Many couples have conceived when they finally just relaxed and let nature take its course. Once they were not stressing about it the magic took place.

Try to plan things as a couple that you both enjoy. Maybe a date night during the week and something enjoyable on the weekend. If work interferes then try to plan something for the future like a mini-vacation or a weekend away.

The thing to remember is this doesn’t just happen to couples that have been through tubal reversal surgery. This happens to many couples because they become so caught up in just getting pregnant.


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