Finding The Best Lotion For Dry Skin

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Dry skin is probably the most common skin complaint, especially between the months of October and April. But is there such a thing as the best lotion for dry skin? There’s no shortage of products on the store shelves to choose from, but it’s the ingredients you need to look for that will get you the best lotion for your dry skin. Beyond that, you need to treat this very stubborn problem by doing more than just finding the best lotion for dry skin. The problem is best approached from all directions!

Active ingredients in dry skin products are there to enhance moisture levels in some way. For instance, “occlusives” will preserve these moisture levels by slowing the rate of transepidermal water loss. Ingredients such as petroleum, oils and silicones are examples of occlusives. “Emollients” act as lubricants, increasing the skin’s flexibility and encouraging a smooth texture and appearance. Among them – isopropyl palmitate, shea butter and jojoba oil. “Humectants” will draw water from the dermis or draw it in from the air and hold it in the surface layers of the skin. These include hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, sorbitol and glycerin urea.

Treating dry skin effectively requires exfoliating dry skin cells from the surface of the skin on a regular basis. Without this step, your moisturizers or other dry skin treatments are not getting into the deeper layers of the skin. Exfoliants range from a gentle physical scrub to a much stronger glycolic acid and should be selected carefully based on the part of the body you’re treating (the face requires something less harsh than your feet for instance) and the results you’re seeking.

Therefore, the steps to treating dry skin externally are to

(1) cleanse,
(2) exfoliate, and then
(3) moisturize!

Cleanse and exfoliate in the shower or the bath, moisturize as soon as you emerge, after you towel dry, while your skin is still damp. On days when you may skip the shower or bath, I highly recommend a dry brush treatment, which you can then follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Age-old recommendations are still extremely important.

(1) Drink plenty of water!! You’d be surprised how many people still need reminding. Your skin wants that water to function efficiently, plump up skin cells, and shore up your skin’s natural moisturizing factor (“NMF”s, compounds essential to the skin’s flexibility and water-holding capabilities).

(2) Reduce the length, frequency and temperature of your showers and/or baths. This will keep NMFs from being leached from your skin. These compounds will not only hold water, but attract moisture from the air. They are, however, water-soluble, which is why lengthy showering, swimming, bathing, etc. will cause skin to dry out.

(3) Avoid harsh detergents, soaps and hand sanitizers, which remove the skin’s acid mantle, increasing the rate of transepidermal water loss. Look for glycerin soaps and alcohol-free hand sanitizers. Do not use regular soap on your face. Use facial cleansers on your face! Men should be encouraged to use the proper products on their face as well. Lastly,

(4) a humidifier where you sleep and work to maintain proper humidity levels will help slow the rate of transepidermal water loss and maintain hydration. Even a bowl of water near a heater vent will do the job.

These suggestions demonstrate that you can best go about combatting dry skin by attacking the problem from all directions: internally, externally and within your environment. Be well!

Becoming a Skin Care Therapist in 2003 was embarking on my second career having spent 20 years in the business world and 15 years self-employed with my husband in his contracting business. Shortly thereafter I was operating my own small spa on Whidbey Island, WA and carried there a wonderful, but quite expensive, well-known product line. I’ve always loved beauty, products and business so when I found it difficult to sell products to clients that were on the expensive side, my business head said to look to private label. I knew by cutting out a middle man that I could do so much better for my clients – and so PUR Botanicals Skin Care became my next passion in life. When it seemed the obvious next step to offer these extremely well priced, high-tech products on the internet, I built. As I developed this website, I found that I wanted to reach further and share more. I’ve always enjoyed writing so it was wonderfully convenient for ezine to come into my life and give me this outlet. Enjoy browsing my site, and you’ll save a bundle on the best skin care available!


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