Be crazy and creative – 12 amazing tips for Graphic Designers

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I still remember my short experience of working as an assistant to a fashion designer. I was so thrilled for the first working day to arrive that I couldn’t sleep the night before…the glamour, the shoots, the colorful draperies just made me too excited. No doubt it was fun but later I was literally convincing myself to go to the office icon_sad.gif

Most of the time, the stress and workload made me run out of creative ideas and the charm started to vanish. I think most of you will relate to this situation and question how to keep oneself creative when hit by the infamous “zombie” mode.

Despair no more – the help is on its way. Last month I stumbled across this amazing post where I found the real solutions to keep the creative juices flowing during any looming deadline.

Gear up with an energy drink:

I really agree with this easy-to-follow idea as it surely works. I think getting addicted to this tasty way, to increase our creativity level, is not a bad idea. This time when you go for grocery do buy lots of energizing drinks in your favorite flavor…it is a bribe to get you at your desk.

Order a spicy pizza:

Sounds yummy…doesn’t it. I don’t want to torture you all to keep you working but researches have proved that spices help speed up our mind. So friends, spice up your imaginations with a delicous slice of pizza.

Sneak a peak:

To ensure that yourlegs are still part of your body you can take a short walk around your house. I mean just peeping in to check your spouse in the kitchen or feeding your pet dog or making a quick goal with the football playing kids, will make you feel better.

So guys, check on other crazy tips which will really help you meet your deadlines. I know many of these ideas are quiet foolish and hazardous but there are countless people who try crazier things than this.


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