Treating Hair Loss – Wading Through The Hype

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The other day I was channel surfing when a slick new advertisement caught my attention. The theme was treating hair loss and the paid actors were talking about their product being specially formulated to reverse male and female hair loss because it contained one of the only proven FDA ingredients scientifically proven to reverse male and female pattern balding.

Of course there was no mention of what this ingredient was or what percentage of the time it actually re-grew new hair you would be proud to show to your mother, spouse, or even the family pet.

The ad brought a smile to my face knowing that the secret ingredient they were talking about was minoxidil which most people have at least heard of, if not used. They also failed to mention that while minoxidil grows hair that reassembles peace fuzz somewhere around 75 percent of the time it will only produce hair worth having about 15 percent of the time. So if you are one of the few who have used one of the multitude of name brand products containing minoxidil, and actually saw new quality growth, you should feel as if you just won the lottery. For the rest of us we bought the losing ticket like we normally do.

You may wonder why I am qualified to talk about treating hair loss. After all your doctor may have told you that your only real legitimate choices are minoxidil infused liquid products such as Rogaine or hair re-growth drugs sold in tablet form such as Propecia.

Have I used one too many natural remedy and it has sunk through my scalp and made me say foolish stuff? Maybe it makes me write bad sentences too!

Not a chance! The reason is that I have been success at treating hair loss and have the same amount of hair, and some may say slightly more, than I did 15 years ago when my wife told me she didn’t care for bald men.

Talk about motivation!

Whether you are a man or a woman the chances are pretty good that the tinning you are experiencing what is known as male/female pattern balding. The simplified explanation for the this condition is contracting hair follicles caused by the accumulation of the androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone.

Generally once a person recognizes their hair is thinning they have lost somewhere around 20,000 out of a possible 100,000 hair follicles. There are likely at least that many more which are damaged or starting to die. Throw in the fact that through unrelated causes a person loses around 100 hairs a day and all of the sudden you have a big problem to try to reverse.

In order to reverse this trend three things must happen. First, either the production and/or the accumulation of dihydrotestosterone must be slowed; Second, damaged or dying follicles must be re-opened; and Third, circulation must be improved to the scalp so that important nutrients such as biotin can reach starving hair follicles.

This is a tall task to accomplish for any one hair loss medication or remedy. Additionally, it is infinitely more difficult to re-grow hair than it is to protect what you have therefore recognizing and treating the problem early is essential to achieving success.

My success has been based on a two-step approach that includes a liquid oral remedy containing the natural ingredients ginkgo, rosemary, prickly ash, and yarrow along with one of a number of topical hair growth accelerators.

Additionally, you may want to be careful about doing anything which can further damage your already troubled scalp. Examples would be shampooing too often, using the wrong type of shampoo, hair coloring or bleaching, exposing the scalp to heat from hair dryers or heat rollers.

In conclusion, I want you to know that while it may not be easy you can beat male or female pattern balding but you must catch it early and pay close attention to whether the product, or products, you are using are working. If not don’t be afraid to try something new because when it comes to treating hair loss time is not on your side.


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