Learning Deficiency in Children

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Learning deficiency in children

     Every child has different level of intelligence. A child who is late to catch up school lessons may suffer from learning deficiency. Children with learning deficiency are like similar to other if they do not have health problems. They are perfect physically. How do you know that your children undergo learning deficiency? You know from your children progress report released by schools. You do not have to get angry if you receive your children’ report book which show bad scores. The teachers just want to help you how you can make your children have better achievement.

            There are two factors that cause learning deficiency. They are internal and external causes. Internal factors are types of learning deficiency due to health problems. Children who are biologically disabled will experience learning deficiency. Certain diseases can be reasons. Here are some organs that may contribute to learning deficiency if these organs are disabled because of diseases or permanent dysfunction. They are ears, brain, eyes and articulation organs.

              Learning deficiency which is caused by external factors can happen to children who do not have health problems.

1.      The causes come from family, schools, and social environment. Children with these problems may have high level of intelligence but they do not have good stimulation and enough attention. In some countries, there are many learning deficiency centers ( I think)  which can help parents and educators to solve the problems. In my country I do not find many, I do not know in your country, are there any learning deficiency centers? You can tell me if there is a website address of the institution.

            Let’s talk about the first external factors. Here they are.

–         The problem comes from family which is not harmony. This type of family becomes a big problem for children achievement. I don’t mean that you have this type of family. Children will feel unsaved living in their house. Their mental condition is threatened. Children with this stressful mental pressure will face learning problem automatically.

–         Another problem which comes from family is because of family economic condition. Children who come from poor family may be possible to have learning deficiency. Their family can not afford to buy books and learning equipments. Their parents may struggle for their life hard so their children school needs become secondary expenses. 

–         Unfortunately children who come from rich family suffer from leaning deficiency not because of health problems. Their father and mother are busy people. They seldom stay at home and talk to their children about schools. They only give a lot of money and buy many entertaining electronic equipments that they think all are enough to show their love and attention to their children. Their children need their affection and attention more over if they are still at elementary schools or kindergarten. Some parents who are busy outside their house entrust their children care to maids or caregivers. Badly the maids or caregivers do not posses good education background so that the children learn from uneducated people. Of course this condition will affect the children achievement at schools.

2.      There are some factors that come from schools. Schools who do not posses good lesson plans, facilities, and teachers contribute bad achievement on your children. A school is a place where children’s character and intelligence are formed. If you trust your children in bad schools you can not expect too much of your children best academic achievement. You have to gather as much as information before your child enrolls to the school. You can ask your friends and neighbors or go to academic advisers who can help you to choose the best schools for your kids.

Social environment can be another cause. If you live in a community who love learning your children will follow the tradition. Your children will see that learning is a habit and they will not see learning as a burden. They will also want to be accepted as a person in a community which likes studying so that they will do same activities of the community. Those are external major causes of learning deficiency in children


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