Female Hair Loss: A Hair Raising Problem With Naturopathic Solutions

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Everyone wants a beautiful mane of hair adorning their scalp. Beautiful and bouncy, long and lustrous, healthy hair has been considered a mark of beauty for women since very old times. But a majority of women today are suffering from a lot of hair problems,female hair loss being a common one. While losing a 80 to 100 strands each day during hair wash is a normal phenomenon and the loss is subsequently made up for by the growth of new strands.

Female Hair Loss is considered a problem when there is an abnormal loss of hair which can not be replaced by the scalp ultimately leading to decrease in hair density and even to complete baldness. Referred medically as aloplecia, this condition may require medical intervention and can be controlled by the use of natural beauty products.

Most of the cases of female hair loss can be traced to an underlying cause- Malnutrition, stress, hormonal disturbances, chemotherapy and genetic factors are some of the important ones. A diet rich in proteins and vitamin A is essential for healthy hair as they contribute to keratin formation, A deficiency of these can cause the hair formation process to slow down. Zinc is another important micronutrient which contributes to healthy hair.

Hormonal disturbances related to menstrual cycle and pregnancy can also alter the pattern of hair loss in females. Thyroid disorders are also related to hair loss. Certain drugs damage the follicular cells of the hair roots and can aggravate the problem.In all these cases control of the causative factor can revert the hair loss.

In today’s world where impression and appearance are extremely important, hair loss causes embarrassment and reduces the confidence of the sufferer. It thus becomes essential to tackle this problem. It is preferable to use natural beauty products before opting for invasive therapy. Products containing henna, fenugreek seeds, lemon seeds, pepper and safflower oil have proved to be beneficial in this condition. Stimulation of circulation by massage and drinking plenty of water also induces hair growth.

Another common ailment affecting females is knee pain. Pain, in medicine is not considered a disease in itself but a symptom of an underlying disease. It is generally caused due accumulation of inflammatory products in the knee joint. Knee pain relief can be afforded by naturopathy. It is important to find the underlying cause of pain. Most commonly knee pain is caused by osteoarthritis, trauma, cysts, infection or nerve impingement. It is important to rest the knee, elevation and compression can provide knee pain relief. Over the counter anti inflammatory drugs can also be used but these have side effects and should be used sparingly esp in patients suffering from gastric ulcers and renal ailments. If the pain persists despite the home care methods for more than 4 to 5 days, it is recommended to seek immediate medical advice.


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