How To Win The Battle Against Blackheads At Last!

In my humble opinion, blackheads are the worst kind of acne. Even for people who manage to get almost perfectly clear of any other kind of acne, blackheads can still linger and be a major nuisance. Now to win any battle, it really helps to know the enemy – so what are blackheads, anyway?

Basically they are a combination of expelled toxins from inside your body combined with the natural oil from your skin. To prevent blackheads, it’s super important to make sure we only consume the right kind of food; but if you already happen to have blackheads, then here are some critical steps you should take back the fight:


This is a big topic when it comes to getting rid of acne. This is probably the most common sense way of preventing that combination I mentioned earlier from occurring on your skin. Now skin is amazing because it already renews itself by exfoliation to some degree, but your job is to help it along.

There are obviously a lot of ways to exfoliate, but I suggest you just start with something simple: use some boiling water to steam your face and open your pores. You may also add a few drops of tea tree oil to the water. Gently scrub the areas with blackheads to expose them.

Use A Healing Mask

You could go to an uppity health store for all kinds of facial masks, but luckily for a lot of us we usually have a number of great ingredients for a facial mask that we didn’t even realize we had! Things such as honey, oatmeal and sea salt are just a few of the common items that actually have a lot of potential for helping you get rid of blackheads.

For many people, having a regimen of using a quality facial mask after thorough exfoliation is enough to pulverize blackheads, so don’t forget this step.

Tea Tee Oil Scrub

OK, at this point you should have successfully pulled out the carpet from underneath your blackheads. The previous two steps will make it hard for them to persist, but here’s where you can deal the finishing blow: tea tree oil scrub. The reason you should do this is to not only rejuvenate your skin, but also to tighten your pores and heal faster. If you do all these steps consistently, you can reasonably expect to get rid of most if not all your blackheads. Easy, right?

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