The 3 Biggest Hindrances To Removing Blackheads And Other Kinds Of Acne And What You Can Do!

Removing blackheads or any other kind of acne can sometimes seem impossible. It’s true that depending on what exact kind of acne you have or which location it is on your body you will need to use different strategies, but I’m going to take a different approach to this issue and share with you the big picture.

Get this: once you truly understand the underlying causes of all acne and blackheads, you will stand a much better chance at getting perfect skin than the majority of the population who have trouble removing blackheads and other forms of acne!

#1 Hormonal Imbalances

Ideally your hormones will stimulate sebum production so that your skin will remain properly moisturized. Androgen is a hormone which does exactly this, but our bodies can produce far too much of it during certain times of our lives, such as in puberty, pregnancy or when our diets are less than what they should be. DHT and insulin are also proven to kick start the production of oil, which throws a monkey wrench in our efforts at removing blackheads.

There are basically 3 things you should do to fix hormonal balances: create the kind of environment in your body that will make anti-inflammatory hormones thrive by altering your diet, take inflammatory supplements, and finally kill candida, which are known to stimulate pro-inflammatory hormones.

#2 Toxins

Toxins are simply substances which can harm your body when absorbed by your body. Removing blackheads or other kinds of blemishes becomes much easier when you actively rid your body of toxins.

So how do you do this? Well, you need to take care of your organs of elimination, primarily the intestines, liver and kidneys. I say primarily because these are the organs which should be handling the lion share of toxin elimination.

A lot of people in our society put way too much stress on these organs by eating highly acidic, refined, processed, hydrogenated or otherwise unnatural foods. At that point the skin is vulnerable to blackheads and breakouts because the skin then has to share the burden of expelling toxins when it shouldn’t have to.

If you only did one thing besides optimizing your diet and nutrition to reduce toxins, then please make sure you reduce your daily stress.

#3 Genetics

If you are at all worried that you won’t be able to get the clear skin you deserve due to your genetics, then please just relax. While it’s true that you can’t “turn off” your genetics, they don’t have to get in your way. If you consider yourself susceptible to acne, then just remember that you still have the capacity to completely get rid of your blemishes.

Now of course genetics can be a complicated topic, but the biggest genetic inclination that you may have to overcome is the sensitivity of your oil glands.

Some people’s skin is just different in this way which can lead to more acne, but keep in mind that oil production is very much in your control if you take care of any hormonal imbalances mentioned before, which are the fuel of excessive oil production.

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