China is The Most Dangerous Nation in Asia

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1962 seems a long way  off, but 2012 will be the 50th anniversary of China’s attack on India. This is a time for refelection and taking stock of the situation. The sad part is the statement of the Indian Prime Minister in parliament stating ” China will not attack India”.  He made this statement in December 2011.People wonder why Singh chose to make  such astatement. This perhaps shows his naviety and the fact that he knows nothing of world power politics. That is the reason most analysists say that Man Mohan Singh, a   banker and  a Gandhi family stooge is not the right man to lead India. The hour finds the man and one can hope that the Indian nation will throw up a leader who will be a ‘leader’ in the true sense and nota yes man, with no grounding of the principles of strategy and military power.

China is the only country in Asia that has unleashed wars in Asia. In fact a chronology of them shows the following

a) Attack on Tibet in 1950

b) Intervention in Korea in 1951-53

c) Attacked India in 1962

d) Attacked Vietnam in 1979.

e) Seized the Paracel islands in 1974

In addition the Chinese have been stirring up the cauldron as and when they feel the time is right. Thus they stir up old conflicts with Japan and the border dispute with India. The one country the Chinese are scared is India and they  are makining insidious plams  encircle India. India thus needs to be on guard and statements like the one made by Man Mohan singh are  to say the least ill-advised.

The4 Chinese are also developing a old German lightening war “Blitzkreig” philosophy. They are fine tuning their own version. They plan to launch a quick operation and stun the opponent with attacks from the air, space and stealth aircraft. They are also feverishly expanding their Navy ina bid to match the US Navy.

The lesson of 1962 should not be forgotton and its about time India countered China. One need not forget that Tibet is the Achillis heel of China and that needs to be exploited. The Tibetan people are waiting and could well  help change the face of Asia. The Chinese know this and have started a suppression in Tibet.  The only counter to China in Asia is India and the Asian people look to India to face China and cut it to size. the clash between India and China is going to come and when it does I suppose the Chinese for once may be checkmated.


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