How To Increase Resistance Power Of The Body

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1. Drinking Luke warm water Mixed with a spoon of pure Honey and a spoon of Lemon juice everyday morning helps to increase resistance powder.

2. Drinking Milk boiled with a pinch of Turmeric and Black pepper (Kali mirch) every night before going to bed prevents many diseases and also helps to increase resistance power.

3. Eating a Gooseberry (Amla) Everyday helps to improve resistance power by providing necessary vitamins and iron.

4. Eating 5 Dasil (Tulasi) leaves everyday helps to increase resistance power even for Cancer.

5. Drinking Milk boiled with Harad (Haritaki) Powder and mixed with a spoon of Honey everyday helps to increase resistance power.

6. Eating papaya (papita) every helps to increase resistance power.

7. Betel leaves (pan) with small quantity of Lime (Chuna) and a piece of Areacanut (Supari) taken helps to increase resistance power.

Try Exercise and Workout To Increase Your Resistance Power!

Exercise is the most important aspect that makes your mind and body fit.
Through exercise, you can enjoy the refreshment of your mind. Exercise keeps the body in perfect state.
Your resistance power also will be increased through exercises.
Small infections will not be affected to you if you do exercises regularly.
There are various types of exercises that you can do for physical fitness and mental fitness. If you want mental fitness, then go for yoga. It is the best method to keep your mind and soul peaceful.

Factors that weaken the natural resistance of the body!
Naturally the immune system of the body is well equiped for dealing any unwanted elements entering the body. It is the nature’s gift. As age advances the natural resistance towards various diseases starts declining. So it’s important to know the factors which weakens the resitance so adequate measures must be taken to keep it strong.

Wrong living and eating habits: This is a major factor responsible for ruining natural resistance power of the body. Indiscriminate use of spices, white flour, fried foods, cold foods and excessive consumptions of sweets throw the digestive system into disorder. It appears that people live only to eat! Frequent occasions of feasts and parties also adds to this menace. No care is taken to ensure whether the food items consumed by us are proper, good and nutritious for our health or not. Frequent meals cause damage to the organs of the digestive system. It is no way advisable to dump more food in the stomach till the previous meal is fully digested.

Irregular life: Too much running around has made our life irregular. We are unable to observe proper and fixed timings for getting up, for taking meals, or for retiring to bed. Televisions and computers have made things worse, they keep us awake late at night and so our biological rhythm is disturbed. Our reflex actions for answering nature calls stop functioning properly, leading to constipation, piles etc. On one hand continous dumping is happening and on the other hand difficulty in removal of these worsens the things. It is like a viscious cycle. Weak digestive system in turn generates many diseases.

Addictions: Some addictions and bad habits cultivated by man are also responsible for ruining his natural resistance power. Frequent consumption of tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, hemp, brown sugar, narcotic drugs and other stimulating and intoxicating items damage the natural resistance power to a large extent. Natural resistance power of the body depends heavily on the vitamins. Above mentioned stimulating and intoxicating items destroy the vitamin-depot in the body. Experiments reveal that by smoking a single cigarette, 25 mg VIT-‘C’ is destroyed in the body.

Lack of exercise: In today’s world people neglect the very idea of any physical exertion. We have simply done away with physical exertion from our life. More and more people are leading more and more sedentary lifestyles which have almost negated exercise barring few exceptions. In absense of adequate physical activity, the strenght and the efficiency of the body are adversely affected.

Mental stress: In modern times complains of mental stress appears to be a universal one. It is the product of fast and complex lifestyles. It is a phenomenon detrimental to our health. It has been proved by the findings of several experiments that, like addictions, mental stress , too destroys vitamin-depot of our body.

Pollution: Today pollution seems to have reached an alarming all time high level in the developing countries. A rise in traffic and industries has also contributed to the increase in pollution. Pollution plays a vital role in weakening the natural resistance power of the body. Needless to say that pollution can be the single cause of elimination of all life forms of the earth through ‘global warming’.

Indiscriminate use of drugs and medicines: It is a fact, beyond dispute, that drugs and medicines suppress the natural resistance power of the body. First, It is necessary to know the actions of these drugs on our body. When a drug reaches the stomach it is absorbed and gets mixed with the blood through digestion. Through blood it reaches out to every cell of the body. So it affects all the cells of the body and not any speicific ones. The drug that can paralyse or destroy germs produce similar effects on the cells of the body too. There is no such things as ‘safe drug’. The natural resistance of the body depends on the white cells in the blood. The white cells are produced in the bone marrow. Drugs depress the bone marrow.


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