Tour To Jakarta – Monas

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Every holiday, Monas is always visited by many tourists. Here you can enjoy many types of tours and educational materials. You can climb the towering monument to the top of Monas. You can also exercise with friends and family. You also can enjoy a beautiful garden with many trees are lush and beautiful. Or you can enjoy an interesting entertainment fountain.

History Monument
Monument began construction in August 1959. The entire building was designed by the architects Monas Indonesia is Soedarsono, Frederich Silaban and Ir. Rooseno. On August 17, 1961, the monument was inaugurated by President Soekarno. And opened to the public since July 12, 1975. While the city forest park area around the monument formerly known as Gambier Field. Then had changed its name several times to Field Ikada, Merdeka Square, National Monument Square and then into Monument Park.
Size and Content Monas

Monument was built as high as 132 meters and the phallus-shaped yoni. The entire building is covered with marble.

At the top there is a cup that contained the flames on top of 17 meter-high bronze and a diameter of 6 meters with a weight of 14.5 tons. This flame coated with gold weighing 45 kg. Flame monument consists of 77 sections joined together.

Court of the Peak
Peak breadth of the court of 11×11 m. To reach the top platform, visitors can use the lift with long travel about 3 minutes. There are stairs around the elevator emergency. From the court of the top monument, visitors can see the buildings in the city skyscrapers. Even if the bright air, visitors can see Mount Salak in West Java and the Java Sea with the Thousand Islands.

Under the court
Under the court of the extent of 45×45 m. Height of the Monument to the court of the basis under which was 17 meters. In this section visitors can see Monument Park which is a beautiful city forest.

History of National Struggle Museum
At the bottom of the monument there is a large room of the National Museum. Height of 8 meters. This museum displays the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation. Extent of this museum is 80×80 m. On the fourth side of the museum there are 12 dioramas (window display) that displays the history of Indonesia from the time of kingdoms Nations ancestors to G30S PKI Indonesia.

Also planned for display flag heritage and the proclamation of the original manuscript in the National Monument buildings. Here also shown the city development plan.


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