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Paid Surveys

There are hundreds of genuine paid survey websites that anyone can join online – simply register at the site, and then sit back and wait to receive survey invitations through your e-mail. Every time you complete one of these surveys you will receive money in your survey site account. The surveys are usually multiple-choice and only take a few minutes to complete. You can usually earn aroud £3 per 15 minute survey. Most paid survey websites are completely free to join and are completely free to use.

Get Paid To Answer Surveys Online

Cashback Websites

Cashback websites are becoming massively popular now on the Internet. These are websites that actually pay you to shop online, and pay you to perform actions online. For example, you could get paid to open an online bank account, or to apply for a credit card, or to join a dating website. There are hundreds of ways of making money by using a cashback website. Plus if you are regularly spending money online then you can literally get paid to shop online, saving you thousands of pounds a year in cashback rewards.

Get Paid To Shop Using Cashback Websites

Paid Reviews

Thousands of people currently make a nice amount of money online by writing reviews of many household products on the Internet. There is at least 4 paid review websites that currently pay people to write reviews of products on their sites. All you need to do is register at the site for free, find a product that you would like to review, and then write your review directly on their site. You earn money everytime someone else reads and then rates your review. You can usually earn at least £5 for every review written, per review site.

Get Paid To Write Product Reviews Online

Get Paid To Play Games Online

Understandably one of the most popular ways of making money online is by getting paid to play games on the Internet. There are many paid skill game websites that actually enable you to make money from playing games online, by competing against other users to win money. Not only can you earn money from playing these games, but by using a cashback website too you can start getting paid to join these paid skill game sites too. You can earn around £15 per paid skill game site joined, and there are several sites that you can join, enabling you to make over £100 just from joining these websites.

Get Paid To Play Games Online

Make Money From Ebay Online

Everyone has heard of the online auction website eBay, and it should come as no surprise to you to hear that many people make a living working from home by selling products on eBay. You can make money from eBay from selling products, from being a drop-shipper and from writing auction listings for other people. So you don’t have to be risking your own money financially to be able to make money from the eBay website – selling your services can ultimately help you to make money online in every possible way, and eBay is no exception.

Make Money From Ebay Online

Make Money As A Mystery Shopper

You’ve probably heard what a mystery shopper is, and if you are a girl you probably think that getting paid to shop probably has to be the best job ever! Although that remark may be slightly sexist, it is also quite true – you can actually get paid to shop, but it isn’t quite as lucrative or glamorous as you may think. The pay rate is quite average, and you have to be very thorough when shopping or reviewing a venue. You simply aren’t given wads of cash to go out spending on anything that you like – you have to ask staff specific questions, and review their service, but making money as a mystery shopper is still a good way of earning some extra cash.

Make Money As A Mystery Shopper

Make Money From Posting On Forums

Forums are a very popular kind of website now a days as they enable people from all over the world to interact and dicuss a whole variety of things. People post on these forums for free because they love chatting and finding things out etc, but if you were to be able to make money from posting on forums then you would have a very popular way of earning money online. Forum users can now sell or rent their signature space (the line of text that gets displayed between each of their posts on the forum), and website owners are buying up the signature space to advertise their own websites. Not only do they get to advertise to a specific group of people who are very likely to be interested in the website being advertised, but the site owners also get an SEO benefit from these extra links.

Get Paid To Post On Forums

Make Money From Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular and trendiest social-networking sites, becoming even more popular than the massive Facebook website and recently people have been discovering how they can actually make money from using the Twitter website. On Twitter every user “Tweets” their updates throughout the day, with each tweet consisting of just over 100 characters of text. You may find it hard to comprehend but these tweets can be very valuable if you either have a very specific group of people “following” you on Twitter, or if you have a massive amount of fans. By placing an affiliate link in your tweets you can promote products that are available to buy online, earning a commission of any sale made via people clicking upon the link from your tweet.

Make Money From Twitter

Earn Money Online

There are also many more ways to earn money online for free, and I will try my best to write about every geunine way of making money online that currently exists. To discover more ways of earning money browse some of the links on the top navigation bar and down the left hand side of the page. This website contains advertisements and affiliate links to cover the costs of running the site, as most of the ways of making money that are discussed on the site are free to join (and so I am not selling you any products, unless I have stated so on the already).


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