How to Get Careers For Felons – The Best Tips to Getting Careers For Felons

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Careers for felons are usually difficult to score but if you know where to look for and how to present yourself in the best light, it is not impossible to be back in the work force with careers for felons. In general, those seeking careers for felons truly have to work harder than most in getting job interviews simply because there are many hiring managers who discount ex-offenders immediately. The trick is to learn how to write your resume well and learn which careers are perfect for felons to carve a new beginning in their lives.
With regards to writing your resume, it is practically one of the most important things that you have to get right en route to getting careers for felons. This is gold because it is like your introduction speech and you want your introduction speech to highlight you in the best possible light. Sure you made some wrong choices before but you have learned from them and now you are ready to make a difference with careers for felons. This is the type of thing you want your resume to be.

To get that effect, know that the functional format of resume is your best friend. It will highlight all of the best things about you like your skills and personal qualities perfect for the job and mask your weaknesses like dates and employment gaps. Also, your resume is an introduction speech not a confession. It is not the proper forum to address your ex-offender status. It is not that you are hiding it. It is just that this is better discussed during the job interview. Besides, if you write it blatantly on your resume, chances are, you will not even get a chance to interview for careers for felons. If there is a questionnaire that you have to fill up and it asks about this information, do not answer yes or no. Write that you would prefer to explain it personally during the careers for felons interview. If you are not confident with your resume writing skills, you can ask the help of a professional friend to work with you or you can hire a professional resume writer to get the job done nicely.

After the resume, you have to choose carefully where you pitch it because simply, there are industries which are not open for careers for felons. Don’t be depressed by this information because it only means that there are specific fields teeming with opportunities for careers for felons like those in construction, restaurant, and culinary. The most important question here is where to look for careers for felons.

One of the best ways to start seeking careers for felons is with your local agencies and non profit organizations which directly work with felons and help them find careers for felons. It is the job of these agencies to work with felons on their re-entry and it means they regularly speak with employers who may have job openings waiting for you. Small companies are also great in terms of career for felons because larger companies usually have policies that prohibit them from hiring ex-offenders. If that does not work out, you can always start a small business of your own and in reality, there are tons of ex-offenders who have gotten a new life this way. Employment services and career services are other great resources for careers for felons so you might want to register with them for a chance to score careers for felons and most likely they also have a list of companies who have provided careers for felons in the past.


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