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Do You Want to Make Money for Free Anywhere, Anytime?

This is a simple guide to earn money on your Iphone, Ipod Touch, Ipad, or Android device easily and free. The App is called Junowallet Giftcards. Don’t worry, the app is free and has a very reliable staff and crew behind it. The app’s primary function is to store giftcards on your mobile device without the hassle of carrying so many cards around; but where the app really shines is in its ability to make the user money. How the app works is you will earn what are called JunoCredits (1 JunoCredit=1 U.S. Dollar) in 5 easy and hassle free ways. Below are descriptions of the money making tasks.

1. Rewards Per Invite: This is the biggest money maker in the app. When first opening the app and creating an account, you will be given an oppurtunity to either use an Invite code given to you or just be given one new. Important: You should ABSOLUTELY use a given code as you will be rewarded .25 JunoCredits immediately instead of the 0 you would recieve without one. Trust me I made this mistake and missed the easiest possible money in the entire app. If you don’t have an invite code you can use mine: XX84608. Then you can start inviting your friends and make .50 Junocredits per invite. 

2. Rewards Per Install: Again it explains itself. There are a variety of free apps added every day or so that give you .22 JunoCredits per install. You do not have to keep the app but just make sure you open it before deleting it.

3. Rewards Per Video: This service seems to b temporarily unavailable at the time but will probably award JunoCredits for watching videos of some sort.

4. Rewards Per Fan: This is a Easiest way to earn JunoCredits. All you have to do is sign in through Facebook and like the requested page. This process usually award you .25 JunoCredits.

5. Rewards Per Task: Personally I am not a fan of this option because it is more difficult than the other options and is not always free. Once and a while there is an easy task posted that awards you some JunoCredits but I would stick to the other four.

The JunoCredits earned can then be spent on giftcards depending on your area. In my area, Itunes, Starbucks, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Nintendo 3ds giftcards are available for purchase with JunoCredits.

I hope I explained it clearly enough… There is also a tutorial when JunoWallet Giftcards is first opened. Thanks for reading and enjoy your free rewards!


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