United 93 Dvd

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The United 93 DVD, which tells the heroic story of the passengers and crew of the flight that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on 9/11, potentially saving countless citizens in the nation’s capitol, comes in one of those DVD cases that has two snaps that have to be opened before you can get the case opened.  I do not like those because it is too easy to forget they are there and then it almost hurts when you try to open the case and cannot get it done.

The artwork on the front cover is a plane in the air as well as a few black and white scenes from the movie.  The back cover has more small images and the write up about the production.  The actual disk pictures part of front cover, that being the plane in the air.  It all follows the respect and notion of doing everything low key and with the utmost respect.

The big negative for me is that the disk freezes in one spot, both in the movie and during the commentary that is provided.  It was not a long gap, but it definitely stops for a couple of seconds before resuming.

The commentary is very low key and respectful, much like the actual movie.  There is nothing cheery in the remarks.  It is informative, but it is also very much director Paul Greengrass’ emotions as he provided the running commentary through the movie.  I think I would have preferred a bit more range, though, in his tone.

The bonus material includes bios of all 40 crew and passengers.  My regret on this is that it wasn’t narrated in some fashion.  It is a lot of reading to be done, and I wish they had found a better way to honoring these people.

The DVD included a featurette called United 93: The Families and the Film that highlights several of the families.  We get their feelings on the events and the time sense 9/11 as of 2006 when they attended the United 93 special screening that was held just for them.  Some of the actors playing their loved ones were shown meeting the respective families.


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