Desk Set – 20Th Century Studio Classics Dvd

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I really looked forward to acquiring the Desk Set – 20th Century Studio Classics DVD because I just love this movie.  It stars Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and it is just brilliant.  They banter a lot in this movie, and it is a hoot to watch.

I consider Desk Set to be a smart movie in that the humor is more adult and stimulating versus slapstick and silly in nature.  It is one I watch often and always enjoy.

The front cover of the DVD case pictures Hepburn and Tracy with a New York City backdrop, while the back cover has 2 color images that includes Gig Young and a write up.  Young plays Hepburn’s boyfriend until Tracy comes along and essentially steals her away in a very fun and high class scenario.

The DVD disk is plain, which is highly disappointing.  When you get a Hepburn and Tracy release, you expect it to have a certain amount of quality to it.  These were one of the great movie pairings, so to have a simple and plain disk as part of the release is just unbecoming.

There are a couple of extras.  Of note is the commentary with Dina Merrill and John Lee, a film historian.  It goes back and forth between the two of them, but they are not together or referencing the other as they discuss the movie.  I was very much surprised at how fun it was to listen to Merrill, who has never been a favorite of mine at all.  However, she had some nice stories about her co-stars and this being her first big film.  I loved that she just reacted to some of the scenes and did not necessarily come in with a lot of notes to talk about.

Also included in the Desk Set – 20th Century Studio Classics DVD is a Movietone News story and the theatrical trailer for the film.

The presentation is in widescreen, which is nice.  While I would have enjoyed more extras, to have the commentary is a big plus.  Even though it was not as extensive as I would have ideally liked, I learned some things and enjoyed the perspectives that were given.


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