Meet Me in St. Louis Two-Disc Special Edition Dvd Set

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This review is for the Meet Me in St. Louis Two-Disc Special Edition DVD set and as I have said in other reviews, it is important to take note of the specific set being discussed because there are multiple releases of this movie on DVD.  The front cover of this issue has Judy Garland and Tom Drake featured with a smaller inset of Garland and Margaret O’Brien.  The back cover has 3 more images with Garland and others plus the write up.

Disk one again pictures Garland and Drake, but it is a different picture than the one on the cover, and Disk two has Garland and O’Brien, again in a different image and this one close up instead of a distant inset.

The DVD includes a very nice introduction by Liza Minnelli, which is appropriate since she is the daughter of Garland and the movie’s director, Vincent Minnelli.  In fact, this is where the two met and fell in love.

The DVD features a remastered soundtrack, standard version presentation with a dual-layer format.  The colors are vivid, and it is beautiful to watch with all the holiday settings and decorations.

The bonus material is quite good.  It includes a music only track, The Making of an American Classic documentary, Hollywood the Dream Factory, and Becoming Attractions, a TCM special, hosted by Robert Osborne.  I enjoyed this latter show quite a bit as it covered much of Garland’s career via the trailers for her movies.

There is also commentary by John Fricke. It was a little bland, though some of the added comments from others were interested.  However, these comments were more like responses to questions and not from watching the movie.  Margaret O’Brien was one of those making remarks.

I really liked watching the TV series pilot of Meet Me in St. Louis, too.  I recognized little Tammy Locke who was in The Monroes instantly.  I also noticed Morgan Brittany, who was known as Suzanne Cupito at that point of her career.  The pilot also included Celeste Holm, and Shelley Fabares, who had the Garland role.  On the whole, that was some good talent for the series.

Also included was a radio version of the movie, featuring Garland and O’Brien.

So, there is a lot to be enjoyed in this DVD presentation.


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